The Singing Zone Members

Every month Per travels the world (with his web camera) to check in with members of The Singing Zone to see how they use the training, and to get their insights that could benefit other members. This video series is normally reserved for members of The Singing Zone. However, here are a few you may enjoy.


70 year-old composer records his song with himself as the singer for the very first time – with sensational results.

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Opera singer and teacher on why the Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone program benefits her students and classical singers in general.

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Seasoned rock singer, songwriter, poet and novelist has written songs for various TV shows, has performed on Jay Leno, and has been the opening act for Bon Jovi. Now working on his second novel, we wonder how come he found and decided to join the Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone program and why it reignited his joy of singing.

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Great grandmother on how The Singing Zone helped her achieve the # item on her “bucket list” and recorded debut CD with Canada’s top jazz musicians.

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Barbershop singer and musical director of barbershop chorus on why The Singing Zone helps those who must sing in harmony without vibrato.

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Art Therapist on the traumas numerous people experience due to having been silenced/shut down as kids - and the road to her personal and her clients freedom.

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Fitness Instructor, speaker and coach on why her search for singing lessons for her child turned out to dramatically improve her life and career.

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Speech Therapist shares her insight on why the Bristow Voice Method / Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone program is so medically sound, why she joined The Singing Zone herself and her approach to helping people overcome voice problems and dysfunctions.

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Here are more videos with reviews of the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone program

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