March 21, 2019

After 3,000 Performances, Elizabeth Montgomery Did This To Sing With Newfound Freedom

Elizabeth Montgomery has performed more than 3,000 times in her career as a singer.  And yet, she did something to experience a newfound sense of freedom in her voice and also in her concert. 

I've always admired successful people with a mindset of wanting to keep learning, so I wanted to understand why she got started with the Sing With Freedom program and what it did for her.

Watch this video and let’s learn what she did, about her mindset, what she thinks about vulnerability, and much more:

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About the author 

Per Bristow

Per Bristow is the creator the Sing With Freedom, The Singing Zone, and the Speak With Freedom home study training that singers and speakers in 132 countries use to improve and free their voices and become more confident and influential performers. He does workshops/masterclasses and live events around the world.

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