Sing with Freedom!

Singers in 132 countries have used these breakthrough strategies
to heal, free and empower their voices - and to become confident, charismatic and captivating performers!

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  • Discover how to effectively develop strength, resonance and range!
  • See why singing scales has proven to be counterproductive!

Who benefits and why has this become
the world's most popular voice training program?

Professional Singers

use this training to heal voice problems, get in top shape for concerts and recordings, and improve the physical and mental skills to be able to perform at their peak under pressure.

Hobby Singers

experience newfound joy and passion to sing and express in music. Singing becomes an even more empowering activity, and you become a greater asset to your group, choir, band and community.

Beginner Singers

discover a new amazing instrument that was never developed before. When releasing previous fears and beliefs of not being able to sing well, it tends to become a life-transforming experience.

Any Style Singer

While Per has been hailed as “the rock singer’s dream coach” and has a long history of coaching contemporary singers, his method has proven equally effective for all style of singers.

Singers Over 70

have experienced tremendous benefits from the program. Regain strength and vitality in the voice and experience the joy of singing with greater freedom at home and in communities.


use the training to, not only help their own voices, but to improve their businesses by learning new ways to empower their students to sing, express and perform with greater freedom.

Why We Don’t Sing Scales

Unlike traditional singing lessons that have you sing scales, you will through the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone program be lead through a fun, unique process that develops an extraordinary newfound awareness of your voice, body and mind.

This new awareness enables you to release strain and restrictions that you have likely not been aware of before.

You can now effectively heal voice problems and develop all physical aspects of your voice, such as greater strength, endurance, richness, resonance, power, and range.

Most importantly, you discover a newfound freedom to express… a newfound joy to be you… a greater version of you… an even more authentic, spontaneous, confident, charismatic and fully alive you.

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As a member of The Singing Zone you also get ear training, rhythm training and music theory training plus get to train and engage with an inspiring global community.

You’ll see why this has become the go-to singing and personal development training for people from 132 nations.

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Who Is Per And What Is This Training About?

Per Bristow originally hails from Sweden where he was known as a child prodigy musician, elite youth athlete, and top stage performer.

He was the original rock cat Rum Tum Tugger in the musical Cats – a production that was widely recognized as one of the top Cats productions in the world. He played Riff in the revival of West Side Story that broke the Swedish all-time box office record. He has sung the role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, sang in rock band, choruses, jazz groups and has had many roles in TV shows and feature films.

His performance background plus his many years as a coach in Los Angeles, together with his depth of knowledge in areas of human anatomy, advanced learning strategies, peak performance psychology, advanced mental training techniques, spiritual awareness, neuroscience, nutrition and more, has led the Bristow Voice Method, as well as the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone home study training, to become known as a method that goes beyond traditional voice training.

Free Video Reveals The Secrets

  • Discover how to effectively develop strength, resonance and range!
  • See why singing scales has proven to be counterproductive!