Welcome to experience the breakthrough method used by singers of all styles and levels in 146 countries.

Here's Where YOU TOO Can Overcome A Voice Problem, Release Strain And Tension, Effectively Develop Strength, Resonance And Range, And Sing – REALLY SING – With Greater FREEDOM!

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Here Are Some Of The Many Benefits You Get From 

Per Bristow's Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone Training:

  • RELEASE STRAIN and restrictions, develop a HEALTHY and functional voice, dramatically improve RANGE, POWER, RESONANCE, DYNAMICS and more!t
  • Develop greater MUSICALITY, pitch accuracy, ear and sense of RHYTHM
  • Release the unique YOU – who can express with greater CONFIDENCE and FREEDOM, and become more CHARISMATIC, INFLUENTIAL and SUCCESSFUL as a performer!
  • And much much more! (Watch the free video presentation. See all the success stories.)

See What Other Singers Around The World Say In This Video:

Who benefits?

Professional Singers use this training to heal voice problems, get in top shape for concerts and recordings, and improve the physical and mental skills to be able to perform at their peak under pressure.

Detrimental Visualization

Hobby Singers experience newfound joy and passion to sing and express in music. Singing becomes an even more empowering activity, and you become a greater asset to your group, choir, band and community.

Beginner Singing Lessons

Beginner Singers discover a new amazing instrument that was never developed before. When releasing previous fears and beliefs of not being able to sing well, it tends to become a life-transforming experience.

Any Style Singer. Although Per has been hailed as “the rock singer’s dream coach” and has a long history of coaching contemporary singers, his method has proven equally effective for all style of singers.

Singers from 12-94 have experienced tremendous benefits from the program. Regain strength and vitality in the voice and experience the joy of singing with greater freedom at home and in communities

Teachers use the training to, not only help their own voices, but to improve their businesses by learning new ways to empower their students to sing, express and perform with greater freedom.

A New Level Of Awareness – A New Sense of FREEDOM

Unlike traditional singing lessons that have you sing scales, you will through the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone program be lead through a fun and unique process that develops an extraordinary newfound awareness of your voice, body and mind.

This new awareness enables you to release strain and restrictions that you have likely not been aware of before.

You can now effectively heal voice problems and develop all physical aspects of your voice, such as greater strength, endurance, richness, resonance, power, and range.

Most importantly, you discover a newfound freedom to express… a newfound joy to be you… a greater version of you. Yes, you become a more authentic, spontaneous, confident, charismatic and fully alive YOU.