Per Bristow’s Electrifying LIVE Performance Workshops – Now On Video!

A Power-Packed Video Series For You Who Want To Be Even More Mesmerizing, Impactful And Successful On Stage!

We all know that a good voice is important. (That’s why we engage in the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone training). But to be a truly captivating performer, there’s something more to it...

At my various events around the globe, I’ve invited singers up on stage. They perform their song once and the supportive crowd enjoys it very much.

Then I do what I do best… I coach them in a way that enables the performer to come alive in a new way

And when the singer performs the song again..

Well, let's put it this way... the crowd is absolutely mesmerized. How is it possible that an already good performance can become so much more interesting?

Not to mention how the performer feels: A newfound connection with the audience, a feeling of being alive and spontaneous like never before, just like you would – no, just like you will – when you apply what you’ll learn into your next performance.

In fact...

You Won’t Be Able To Wait To Apply This To Your Next Performance

Yes, today you get access to 23 video recordings from several of my events that cover various aspects of the true art of coming alive as a performer and captivating the audience.

In addition, I have recorded complimentary videos to explain why it happens, and how you can apply it to your next performance.

And after watching a couple of these videos, you won’t be able to wait until your next performance to try it out.

Transforming Good To Great. Transforming Great To Spectacular.

Seriously though, there's a difference between an audience just liking what you do compared to when they have an emotional experience that they feel truly grateful for – that they might remember for a long time.

And even if you're not at that level as a performer, becoming more comfortable and alive, and being able to have more fun on stage, is a beautiful experience.

As a matter of fact...

This Is Also For You If You Haven’t Performed Much – Or If You Experience Performance Anxieties

Performance anxieties, stage fright, self-consciousness... yes, it's common. Very common. 

However, when you learn skills to connect to the song, connect to the audience in a more profound way than before, your feelings of fear will melt away.

In fact, when you know you have these skills, you will anticipate the upcoming performance from a completely new perspective and you'll look forward to it a new way. 

And the beauty is that you'll walk off the stage desiring to go at it again and try something new next time. Yes, performing becomes a fun exploration into the beauty of connecting with your audience. And they'll love you for it.

Yes, performing is about to become fun... really fun.

How About Getting More Paid And Getting More Fans?

Yes being good is good, but being memorable is where it's at. This is why you get more talked about and more recommended. This how you get paid more, asked back more often, and this is why you get followers and fans.

However, getting that is a by-product from becoming freer, more spontaneous, more alive, more charismatic and having ways to connect with the audience in a new way.

And developing this is so beneficial for everyone, which is why this applies to any level.

This is what makes a professional performer more memorable, more talked about, and more recommended. This how you get paid more and asked back more often. This is why you get followers and fans.

And You Get To See The Shenanigans From My Workshops Without Having To Travel 😀

Yes, save paying for flight and hotel until my next live event, and instead enjoy these videos. (Obviously these captured moments will never be repeated anyway.)

And may I say so myself... in addition to the learning, what you'll witness is pretty frickin' entertaining 😉

Yes, we did have tons of fun. So, if you aren't able to hold back a chuckle once in a while, let's consider that an additional bonus hehe.

Seriously though, add your info below. You'll get instant access. There's no time limit on your access, and your next performance is about to become really really fascinating!


  • 23 powerful lessons with clips from Per's events around the world where you'll witness how Per coaches singers. You'll learn how to make you and your songs come alive in newfound ways.
  • Additional videos where Per explains in detail how you can instantly implement what you witness into your own performances. Get ready to experience similar transformations as the singers in the videos!

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