The Ultimate Training Program To Become A Truly Confident, Charismatic And Captivating Performer!

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, up-and-coming-artist, hobby singer, or have never performed much before...

Here's How To Become An Even More Confident, Spontaneous And Mesmerizing Performer!

Yes, imagine being able to influence the energy in the room in newfound ways… create a deeper connection with your audience… feel freer, more spontaneous and confident than ever before…

And imagine the beautiful rewards that come from being more influential, inspiring, and, frankly, adored

Not only will you feel more fulfilled and loved… but for a pro, what you will discover here will directly and significantly impact your income

Yes, however great you already are, you will discover how to...

Turn Performance Anxieties Into Standing Ovations... Turn Good Into Great... And Turn Great Into Sensational!

Hello, I'm Per Bristow

Perhaps you know that my voice training has been used by singers in 146 countries and that I've done events around the world.

At many of these events, I have demonstrated how even the great singer, can move and impact the audience in newfound ways.

Those who have witnessed me coaching these performers of all levels, and seen the results that instantly came out of it, have been wowed.

Yes, at every single event, the audience has, frankly, been blown away witnessing the transformations right before their very eyes.

And here's the great news: They were all recorded! And you can now watch them!

Yes, now you get to watch and learn from the unique performance coaching that people traveled from far away to be part of.

You will see sessions from Berlin, Melbourne, New York, London and more.

From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, Witness How Performances Are Transformed, And Learn How Yours Can Too!

You will not only witness these amazing transformations. More importantly, you will understand why it happens, and how you can implement it yourself.

Yes, I've even recorded additional complimentary videos to explain why I did what I did in my coaching, and how you, therefore, can use it in your next performance.

The person who suffered from performance anxieties suddenly comes alive at feels completely at ease. The person who has never dared face an audience suddenly feels comfortable and connected.

And the performer who already performs at a high level, discovers a newfound spontaneity, joy and freedom.

And if you are a pro or want to be invited back to perform again, this is vital to create greater success.

This Is How To Get More Gigs, Be Invited Back, Get Higher Tips, Get Paid More  – In Short, Make You More Successful!

And guess what happens to your confidence? That’s right, soaring confidence becomes a by-product when having this ability to captivate an audience.

And guess what else?

You won’t be able to wait until your next opportunity! That's right, your motivation will sky-rocket.

Performing becomes more fun than ever, and your audience will love you for it.

You and your audience will become more emotionally engaged than ever. And that's what it's all about, isn't it? Whether you perform in a sold-out stadium or at your best friend's wedding.



  • If you’re a professional performer, let’s up your game and make you even more captivating, impactful, and successful!
  • If you're an up-and-coming artist, let's release the true, authentic greater version of YOU – the YOU who truly impacts the audience. 
  • If you’re a hobby singer and you perform once in a while, let’s make you the talk of the town – the artist people want to come back to see again and again!
  • If you are insecure about your performance abilities, or if you are used to being background music, then get ready to discover how to become the performer who commands the attention! (And the audience will love you for it.)
  • If you experience performance anxieties, you are about to discover how to turn them into freedom and make them irrelevant!
  • If you have never performed much before, this will teach you the vital skills that will ensure success and enjoyment when you step on stage.

This Art Of Performing Is Truly A Beautiful Skill – And That Skill Can Be Significantly Improved For Anyone!

The art of performing – the art of coming alive in that moment of time, being able to connect with an audience, and influence the energy in the room is an extraordinary experience and a beautiful skill.  

There is a reason why we in the audience love a captivating performer. A great performance is something we remember for a lifetime.

Let's release an even greater performer within you!

Today You Get:


  • 23 powerful lessons
    You'll watch recordings from Per's events from around the world. You'll see Per's coaching in action, and you'll see how each performance dramatically improves.  

    You'll learn how your songs, and you as the performer, can come alive in newfound ways.
  • Additional videos where Per explains in detail how you can instantly implement what you witness into your own performances.

    Get ready to experience similar transformations in your next performance as the singers experienced at the live events and that you'll see in the videos!

So how much is it?

Well, if you get paid for your gigs, what would it be worth for you to get paid more each and every time, be asked back more often, get more fans, get more gigs?

In fact, in many settings, a decent singer who learns these secrets to captivating an audience will be in more demand than a great vocalist who doesn't have these skills. Note that most great vocalist have not developed these skills (as evidenced by the videos you will watch.)

Consider also that you don't have to travel to see Per's coaching in action and take on all the costs associated with that. (Here' you get clips from events on 3 continents.)

And even if you have no intention of performing professionally, the feeling of getting up on stage and feeling good, spontaneous, and alive, and being able to connect with an audience the way you will is, frankly, invaluable.  

So having said that, today you are getting the entire Perform With Freedom training for only:

ONLY $497

Let's take your performances to new levels of joy and success!

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