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Yes, Experience How YOU TOO Can Become Freer, And When Performing Becomes More Rewarding Than Ever Before!

  • If you’re a professional performer, let’s up your game and make you even more captivating, impactful, and successful!
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  • If you’re a hobby singer and you perform once in a while, let’s make you the talk of the town, the artist people want to come back to see again and again!
  • If you are insecure about your performance abilities, or if you are used to being background music, then get ready to discover how to become the performer who commands the attention! (And the audience will love you for it.)
  • If you experience performance anxieties, you are about to discover how to turn them into freedom and make them irrelevant!
  • If you have never performed much before, this will teach you the vital skills that will ensure success and enjoyment when you step on stage.

Per Has Produced Events And Performance Masterclasses In 9 countries On 4 Continents That Have Attracted Singers From All Over The World.

( Just the last event in Berlin had attendees from 26 countries! ) 

TODAY You Can Get INSTANT ACCESS To Watch And Learn What Others Had To Travel For!


Perhaps you know that Per is the creator of the world's most popular voice training: The Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone training that has trained singers in 146 countries.

Some of the reasons why it has proven so effective to heal voice problems and gain strength, range, resonance and freedom (and a lot more) is because it leads you through a process to develop extraordinary new awareness of your voice, body and mind.

Through this process you can release hidden restrictions (both physical and psychological), and effectively improve all areas to experience greater strength and freedom to your voice.

Throughout this course you will witness Per's unique abilities to free a person from his/her habitual restrictions right before your very eyes.  

You will see how the performer becomes alive in a newfound way and the effect it has on the audience. AND, most importantly, you will learn how to do it with yourself!

Here are some feelings from some who have witnessed Per's coaching in action:

Are You Ready To Unleash The Free, Captivating Performer That You Can Be?

Let's Do This!

The art of performing – the art of coming alive in that moment of time, being able to connect with an audience, and influence the energy in the room is an extraordinary experience and a beautiful skill.  

There is a reason why we in the audience love a captivating performer. A great performance is something we remember for a lifetime. 

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  • 23 powerful lessons with clips from Per's events around the world where you'll witness how Per coaches singers.  You'll learn how your songs and you the performer can come alive in newfound ways.
  • Additional videos where Per explains in detail how you can instantly implement what you witness into your own performances. Get ready to experience similar transformation as the singers in the videos!

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