About Per Bristow

Per Bristow is a singing teacher, voice coach and performance coach who teaches throughout the world from his home base in the Los Angeles area. He is the creator of The Bristow Voice Method – a unique method for freeing the voice which is based on muscle isolation, strength development, and peak performance techniques. For more than 15 years this unique method has empowered tens of thousands of singers and speakers from over 132 nations to heal, build and free their voices.

The Bristow Voice Method was born out of Per Bristow’s vast experience as a performing musician, singer, actor and athlete, his many years of experience as a teacher and coach, and his depth of knowledge in areas of human anatomy, modern training methods, advanced learning strategies, peak performance psychology, advanced mental training techniques, nutrition and more.

The method is designed to go far beyond improving the physical voice. BVM serves to bring the individual to significantly greater levels of well-being, self-confidence, creativity and health, in addition to dramatically and rapidly improve communication, presentation and performance skills.

Per grew up in Sweden and was recognized as a prodigy violin player. At the age of 12 he was the youngest ever invited into the city’s symphony orchestra. However, in his early teens he preferred to pursue sports – but with little success. It was much through the process of healing from a back injury that he discovered how to transfer the ability to learn rapidly from one field to another – using principles such as:

  • Advanced kinesthetic (muscular) awareness
  • Mental imagery/visualization techniques
  • Understanding and applying the physical law of least effort
  • The application of flow and rhythm
  • A developed ability to enter a state of “peak performance”.

Two years later, he was one of the top youth athletes in the nation in 6 different track and field events. He later took up singing and acting and quickly became one of the top performers in the nation. Per was the original rock cat Rum Tum Tugger in the musical Cats – a production that was recognized as one of the top Cats productions in the world. He starred in West Side Story as Riff for 350 performance, has sung the role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, sang in rock band, choruses, jazz groups and has had many roles in TV shows and feature films.

Now with the Sing With Freedom program and The Singing Zone the strategies of The Bristow Voice Method is available in home study format to people all over the world.