Events, Workshops and Masterclasses

Scheduled Events

JAN 20 TOKYO – Performance Masterclass

FEB 17  LONDON – Performance Masterclass  SOLD OUT

FEB 18 LONDON – Performance Masterclass
FEB 20 LONDON – Speak With Freedom Seminar
FEB 22 DUSSELDORF – Performance Masterclass PRIVATE INVITE
FEB 24 AMSTERDAM – Performance Masterclass
FEB 25 AMSTERDAM – Speak With Freedom Seminar

MARCH 10 MIAMI – Performance Masterclass PRIVATE INVITE

This was the most life-enriching experience ever! Jam-packed with goodies and life-changing insights!

Sarah Demesteere

An amazing event! I felt like I'd gotten my moneys worth in the first 90 minutes!

Lynne Goodman

After 10 events in 5 countries we are taking this to the next level. In 2018 YOU can help bring an event to your city! Enter your name if you are interested and want to be notified.