Jason Gardiner The Doctors Said He Might Never Sing Again

We actually did this interview late January 2020, but it’s worth posting again.

Unfortunately, Jason’s remarkable one-man show “In The Closet” that had just premiered in London to extraordinary reviews, met the fate artists everywhere faced. It was closed down due to Covid.

And it’s certainly not the first time Jason has faced challenges in his life. As I’ve gotten to know him more after this talk, I find him to be a remarkable and inspiring man. And I hope this inspires you too.

When Jason Gardiner became known in the UK as a singer, dancer, choreographer and TV personality, few knew of his childhood of being ostracized and bullied that made him find solace in music.

And then as his career was in high gear he was faced with having surgery on his vocal cords.

Here Jason shares his powerful story, and what he discovered during the times when he wasn’t able to use his voice. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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