From Being Criticized For His Love Of Singing To How Singing Brought Him Love, Then Everyone To Tears At His Magical Wedding.

Rodrigo has been part of the Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone training for a while.

He then posted in the Facebook group for members beautiful photos and video from when sang a duet with his bride on their wedding day with this text: "Without your teachings, this song wouldn’t had been possible on our wedding day. You make magic in your course. And this is the proof". Wow, I I just had to find out more.

It turns out there his so much more to this beautiful story, how singing was a big part of his mental health during the pandemic, how he had previously been critiqued and put down for wanting to sing.

And his spirit as a teacher and psychologist, and how he helps and inspires so many others, is truly fascinating and admirable.

We have a lot to learn from Rodrigo.

Watch this video:

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