October 19, 2018

Wow, What A Song! – And What A Powerful Message From G-Man

It’s not easy to be an a artist. You are vulnerable. You face setbacks and rejections.

Just like any entrepreneur, you must create your product, your career and your life. It’s tough. 

And when we face hard times in our private life, it becomes even tougher. And we wonder, does anyone care? That is why G-man’s message is so powerful, important and inspiring.

G-man came to my event in Sydney. He stepped on stage and shared some of the tremendous life-struggles he had faced recently. (We edited out some of what he shared out of respect.).

And out of it came a song. Not just any song. A song of inspiration. A song that moved us. A song that’s stuck in the head of us for a long time.

What would the world be without music such as G-man’s?

Expressing how you feel in your music, creating your songs, inspiring others with your music, participating in making music with others… it’s a remarkable activity.

If I with my coaching, in any way can participate in helping people release voices like this, in helping people ignite their passion, in helping people overcome emotional, mental, psychological and physical restrictions that hold us back, then I am honored and truly grateful.

Thank you, Gman!

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About the author 

Per Bristow

Per Bristow is the creator the Sing With Freedom, The Singing Zone, and the Speak With Freedom home study training that singers and speakers in 132 countries use to improve and free their voices and become more confident and influential performers. He does workshops/masterclasses and live events around the world.

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