When Is Too Old To Learn To Sing?

Meet James who decided to take singing lessons at the age of 70! Find out what he learned and the opportunities The Singing Zone created for him. Do you think he's too old to sing?

James Guglielmo is a composer but had at the age of 70 never sung much before. Watch this video as Per Bristow and James Guglielmo address creativity, effective vocal practice, why singing on key has little to do with your ear, why he decided to take singing lessons as a senior, join The Singing Zone, and more.

Fascinating songs, don’t you think? And how about his first recording ever? Listen to his songs and then please add your comments below.

Listen to James’s music at www.JamesGuglielmo.com

And listen to James Guglielmo singing "When You Sing Those Old Songs" in it's entirety here.

It's the first song he ever recorded with himself singing!