Sinus Problems and Singing

Sinus Problems and Singing

Do you have sinus problems, allergies, mucus, phlegm? Does that affect your singing voice? Of course it does. Sinus problems and singing are a real dilemma. And, naturally, it affects your energy and your body as a whole.

You’re not alone. It is estimated that sinus infections affect over 39 million Americans every year.

With every client that come to me to get help with their voice problem, there are underlying issues that affect the voice. My job as a coach is not to just give voice exercises, but to help the person become exposed to solutions for healing the underlying issue.

We may, for example, think a sinusitis is a sinus problem, when it is an inflammation problem. If we go deeper we may realize it is a fungi problem (very common), but when we go deeper we may realize that the reason the body is so bad at combating the fungi/allergen/inflammation is because of weak adrenal glands and because of what is going on in our gut.

Yes, 80 percent of your immune system is located in your gut, and since your immune system is your primary defense system against all disease.

Sinus Problems and Your Gut

So why not give your gut a chance?

Often we don’t see the relationship between our body’s inability to combat toxins, bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc., with what we eat and don’t eat.

And it’s not surprising. It’s hard to be educated when were are assaulted by big pharma and the junk food industries’ onslaught of advertising. Often we are not trained to know what to do with food, how to cook, so of course it becomes easier to go for the prepackaged, processed junk.

But what if it doesn't have to be hard. What if improving could be far easier than we think? I love to learn, and I do so because I know improving can often be far easier than most think.

And that’s why I'm so passionate about helping people become aware of real solutions. There is powerful knowledge and skills we can acquire. There are many real experts out there who can help tremendously don’t have the massive advertising budgets to make their voice heard.

Yuri Elkaim is one of them. You may have seen the interview I did with him. If not, you can watch it again below. (Get his free gifts.)

Consider what a healthier gut could do for any sinus problems, your singing voice, and to your levels of energy, your health, and your life…