Online Singing Lessons

Online Singing Lessons

These days, private lessons can be conducted online (via Skype and such). When thinking about the effectiveness of online singing lessons the real comparison is between private lessons and home study lessons on audio or video. Which one is most effective?

So what is "Voice Training"?

Well, what’s interesting is that successful people are always very much “self-taught”. At the same time, the same successful person also tends to be a sponge in life and acquires knowledge and learning experiences from all kinds of sources – mentors, teachers, and coaches.

There are many successful people, including singers, who have never taken “formal singing lessons”. But there is hardly a successful person who hasn’t spent a lot of time experimenting and practicing and being engaged in self-discovery, while also being influenced by numerous others.

So the real key to acquiring skills is to learn all we can from others, as well as applying it through deeply engaged self-discovery processes – i.e. training.

The experience of training your voice online.

When it comes to singing, even if you have the best teacher in the world, it is your own practice and experimentation that creates the real results. One of the reasons the Sing With Freedom program has been so helpful for thousands, and why it is unlike any other home study program, is that you are taught a process to discover – a process that awakens extraordinary new awareness.

It is this new awareness and newfound knowledge that enables you to improve dramatically.

Have you taken other singing lessons?

Those who do have access to phenomenal private coaches, find that the Sing With Freedom Program complements their regular singing lessons. In fact, singing teachers around the world are delighted when their students do the Sing With Freedom program, since this frees them up to use the singing lesson time to help developing repertoire and work on specific songs.

Numerous singing teachers have also taken the program to help out in their teaching.

Other benefits of the Sing With Freedom home study program are:

  • A fraction of the cost compared to if you were to be coached by Per Bristow in private.
  • The only way to learn the Bristow Voice Method as Per’s teaching calendar is most often full.
  • No travel. Do your training anywhere. (Save time and money)
  • Do the training on your own schedule. (Save time and money)
  • Adapt the training to the style you want to sing.
  • Be able to experiment freely without someone watching you and remarking on what you are doing, (A deeper learning experience)
  • Learn to train and adjust your training based on what experience, rather what someone says you should be doing.