Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

I hear this all the time, "Can anyone learn to sing or is it talent?" It is a very common question, and the mindset behind the question fascinates me.

What is it that makes someone ask this question?

I believe the reason people ask the question is because a large percentage of the population has been brought up with the mindset of “either you can or you can’t”. Many children come to believe early on in life - even if it’s in a subtle, subconscious way - that they are good at certain things and and bad at others.

And if a child shows high-level skill in an area early one, the child is told he has been given a gift of “natural talent”.

This is exactly the mindset that keeps people where they are, and hinders them from discovering what they are capable of. In fact, we seldom give ourselves permission to discover what we are truly capable of for this very reason.

However, many successful career’s come out of what the person was once considered “bad” at. Those who refuse to settle for “can vs. can’t” go on to do what is perceived as extremely challenging - even impossible - and change the world. I would go so far as to say that there is likely not a single highly successful person who has not at some point been told that the/she was not good enough. This is exactly what drove them to become so successful.

So… Can anyone learn to sing?

  1. The word “anyone” is the first thing that makes the question ludicrous. Who is anyone? What does it matter to you if “anyone” can do something? All that matters is if YOU can do something?
  2. What does “learn” mean? At what point have we learned to speak? At what point have we learned to play guitar? At what point have we learned to write? There are always levels of abilities in anything you do.

The question that matters is: “Can I Improve?” And the answer to that has to always be “yes”. How could it not be?

HOW to improve is a different matter. That is where strategies and methods come in. I have previously outlined why it is that people develop very little through decades of singing scales, but can develop dramatically in week shifting the strategies.

If you haven’t seen the free video where I outline this, watch the free video on how to dramatically improve your voice here.

So then the real question, frankly the only relevant question to ask yourself, is: “Do I want to improve?”

Then it is only a matter of engaging in methods to do so. So yes... given that, anyone can learn to sing if that "Anyone" is you!