Here's Why 10,000s Of Singers Of All Styles And Levels Use This Training To Effectively Release Hidden Restrictions, Overcome Voice Problems, Improve Range, Power And Resonance, And Sing – Really SING With Greater Confidence And Freedom!

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The Entire SING WITH FREEDOM program!
The very same 4 module program that has benefited singers in 146 countries.

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  • EAR TRAINING COURSE   (Value $97)
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1 Months FREE Membership In The Exclusive MEMBER'S FACEBOOK Group
Engage with other members around the world. Get feedback and advice. Get your questions answered by Per personally. Participate in Per's live Q&A sessions, case studies and more!

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Bonus Video Series 1:  THE ART OF RAPID LEARNING – How To Develop Faster in 6 Months (6 days or even 6 minutes sometimes) Than Most Ever Develop During A Lifetime!
Learn the secrets how you can learn at rapid fire pace and apply it to any area of life. You'll learn how to tap into your brain and body in ways few people ever do.

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Bonus Video Series 2: HOW A TONE DEAF SINGS ON KEY AFTER 5 MINUTES – How To Release The Hidden Restrictions That Hold You Back (Without You Even Knowing It)!
Witness the "magical" demonstration from "Per Bristow Live" event that has shocked audiences around the world.  See why this applies just as much to a pro singer, as well as areas of your life beyond singing.  Complimentary videos will explain how the magic happens and how you can apply it to your life.

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Bonus Video 3: HOW AN UNCONFIDENT SINGER SUDDENLY SPELLBINDS THE AUDIENCE  – How To Release Your Fears And Become A Truly Captivating Performer!
Witness how this singer /songwriter, who hasn't performed much, mesmerizes the audience. When you embrace and apply these strategies, you too will become a far more captivating performer and communicator.

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