4-Session Virtual Workshop! 

Join This Exclusive 4-Week Virtual Workshop If You Want To Be A More Confident, Mesmerizing, Impactful And Successful Singer On Stage And On Camera!

We all know that a good voice is important. (That’s why we engage in the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone training). But to be a truly captivating performer, there’s something more to it...

At my various events around the globe, I’ve invited singers up on stage. They perform their song once and the supportive crowd enjoys it very much.

But then I do what I do best…

...I give them some coaching, some direction, and then... 

...the singer performs the song again... and even if the previous version was great, he/she comes alive in a new way! The crowd is absolutely mesmerized! 

Yes, the performer experiences something absolutely wonderful: A newfound connection with the audience, a feeling of being alive and spontaneous like never before.

And this has all been documented on video! 

You get to see it all in the Perform With Freedom and Impact videos. You get 23 video recordings from many of my events, plus complimentary videos to explain why the magic happens, and how you can apply it to your next performances. 

Whatever level you're at, however much or little you have performed in the past, however much performance anxieties you might have experienced in the past, when watching these video you will have so many aha-moments, so many ideas of how to approach you next performance.

In fact,...

You Won’t Be Able To Wait To Apply This To Your Next Performance!

Yes, today you get access to 23 video recordings from several of my events that cover various aspects of the true art of coming alive as a performer and captivating the audience.

In addition, I have recorded complimentary videos to explain why it happens, and how you can apply it to your next performance.

And after watching a couple of these videos, you won’t be able to wait until your next performance to try it out.

Yes, it gets even better because now you are invited to participate in this upcoming Virtual Performance Workshop.

Here's how it works:

You will submit a video of your performance. It can be a recording from a recent stage performance, or social media performance, or it can be you performing to the camera for the sake of the workshop.

I will then give you direction and coaching on how to take that performance to the next level. You will learn what to do to turn that performance into pure gold. Yes, you'll be excited to do it again, and will record it again for me to review again.

The dates and times are:

ROUND 1 - Submit your song and get feedback
Wednesday - Nov 15 - 6pm US Pacific Time
Saturday - Nov 18 - 9am US Pacific Time

ROUND 2 - Submit a new version of the same song, or a new song, where you've implemented what we covered in ROUND 1

Wednesday - Nov 29 - 6pm US Pacific Time
Saturday - Dec 2 - 9 am US Pacific Time

BONUS FINAL FOLLOW-UP - Submit again and win a private session with me if you want (voted by the group)

Saturday - Dec 16 - 9am US Pacific Time

You are guaranteed to get personal coaching in one of the sessions of each round. So pick the time that fits you the best.

You will be able to watch the recording of each session.

I am on purpose giving you a week in between each round so you have time to practice and implement, and perhaps even perform to a live audience.

If you are indeed performing in this time period, then that's perfect. Use a video of that.

If not, then that's also fine. If so, you just perform to your camera as if you were doing it live to a live virtual audience.

And again, whether you perform regularly or not, then let's make you more comfortable and successful at it.

Register today and then get ready to submit your video. You'll get instant access to the Perform With Freedom And Impact videos in the meantime.

Registration is now closed. Enter your information below if you're interest in participating in the next workshop.