4-Session Virtual Workshop! 

Join This Exclusive 4-Week Virtual Workshop If You Want To Be A More Confident, Mesmerizing, Impactful And Successful Singer On Stage And On Camera!

Actually, what would being a more "successful performer" look and feel like for you? 

How about finishing the last song and feeling "Wow, I had such an amazing connection with the audience tonight"? 

Or maybe stepping up on stage feeling totally confident and excited? Or having people talk about your performance like they've never done before? 

How about being paid more, or getting bigger and better opportunities?

Here's a serious question: 

What If I Can Turn You Into That More Successful Performer?

What If I Can Make You More Impactful So You Can Experience Those Rewards That You Desire?

Would you be interested in that? Can I do that? You bet I can.

You may have seen that I've recently done a tour in Europe teaching speakers to be more influential. This is what I've taught singers for decades.

In my Perform With Freedom program you saw how even the good performance became even more enticing, intriguing and captivating with some adjustments.

But often we can't see that ourselves. We can't evaluate our own performances.

It takes a third skilled eye to see and know what to do differently to make the performance come alive in a new way.

And that's that I'm offering you today. Here's how we'll do it:

Join This NEW 4 Week Live Virtual Workshop

You will submit a video of your performance - it can be from stage, or social media performance, or it can be you performing to the camera for the sake of the workshop.

I will play the video in the session and coach you how to  turn that performance into pure gold. Yes, you'll be excited to do it again and experience what happens. And you'll record that performance again and I'll review it again.

Rest assured, that by implementing what we cover, your next performances will take on a new life.

I will do the same with all of the singers in the group, and you will of course learn so much by watching the other singer's performances and seeing how they improve.

If you miss a session, then don't sweat it, the sessions will be recorded.

ROUND 1 - Submit your song and get feedback
Wednesday - Nov 15 - 6pm US Pacific Time
Saturday - Nov 18 - 9am US Pacific Time

ROUND 2 - Submit a new version of the same song, or a new song, where you've implemented what we covered in ROUND 1

Wednesday - Nov 29 - 6pm US Pacific Time
Saturday - Dec 2 - 9 am US Pacific Time

BONUS FINAL FOLLOW-UP - Submit again and win a private session with me if you want (voted by the group)

Saturday - Dec 16 - 9am US Pacific Time

You are guaranteed to get personal coaching in one of the sessions of each round. So pick the time that fits you the best.

You will be able to watch the recording of each session.

I am on purpose giving you a week in between each round so you have time to practice and implement, and perhaps even perform to a live audience.

If you are indeed performing in this time period, then that's perfect. Use a video of that.

If not, then that's also fine. If so, you just perform to your camera as if you were doing it live to a live virtual audience.

And again, whether you perform regularly or not, then let's make you more comfortable and successful at it.

Whatever level you're at, however much or little you have performed in the past, however much performance anxieties you might have experienced in the past...

... this is for you if you would love to experience the magical feeling of coming alive in new ways, feeling more confident to express, and connecting with an audience like never before!

You Won’t Be Able To Wait To Apply This To Your Next Performance!


Register today and then get ready to submit your video.

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