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Every month you get new powerful training that builds on the previous training.

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Here is some of the content you get access to immediately:
  • VIDEO: Improvisation Workshop
    Develop the ability to sing licks, runs and embellish melody lines with FREEDOM! You will also discover how this becomes super effective practice.  (You'll get audio tracks to practice with.)
  • VIDEO: Release Abdominal Pressure – Free Your Breathing
    You likely sing with far more abdominal pressure than needed. You will make a surprising discoveries that lead to greater dynamics, richness, range, power AND an effective vibrato!
  • VIDEO: Release Jaw Tension – Free Your Jaw 
    Hidden jaw tension not only restricts your voice, but is also the culprit of dental and respiratory problems, headaches and more. It's very important you discover how to release it!
  • VIDEO: Release Laryngeal Tension – Free Your Larynx
    This has been a career saving session for many pros! Do this after concerts, rehearsals, practice sessions, or at the end of a day, and you speed up healing and recovery dramatically. If you want to sing high notes, you need to do this. If you experience voice problems or just any kind of tension, you MUST do this!
  • VIDEO: Ultimate Vocal Cord Coordination
    Takes what you learned in the Sing With Freedom program to a whole new level! You gain an even deeper level of awareness and muscle isolation. ability. This accelerates your development of range, strength, functionality, pitch accuracy and more
  • VIDEO: Embellish Melodies
    A powerful session to and make a song more interesting and make you far more interesting. This applies to singers of all levels.
  • AUDIO: 30-minute warm-up/exercise audio track to download
    How to create a powerful 30-minute session from what you have learned so far. 
  • AUDIO: Special Interview with Steven Cragg - From Saturday Night Live & Creativity Expert!
    Listen to a genius on creativity and how to be creative under pressure. This has been a favorite among many members. And he's funny too!

PLUS access to the exclusive FACEBOOK GROUP for members.

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PLUS access to all the additional training and material that is available inside The Singing Zone member's area, such as:

  • The NEW Sing With Freedom program
  • Ear Training course
  • Rhythm Training Course
  • Music Theory/Sight Reading Course
  • Audio Tracks
  • Workbooks, Articles, Audio Tracks, Q &A Video Vault etc.


And in the following months, the training expands exponentially. It takes you to new heights each and every month. As long as you wish to continue your training you may do so, just as if you were to take private lessons.

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