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Offer Expires Wednesday Nov 8 - Midnight US Pacific Time

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You missed out!

YES, Only $47/month Instead Of Normally $67/Month!

When you enroll today you get:
Online Singing Lessons

The Powerful Continuing Voice Training Program!


Yes, when you register below, you will continue from where you left off PLUS you get NEW LESSONS EVERY MONTH! 

For example, if you previously were a month 4 member, you will today get access to the training material of month 5, AND you'll have access to all the previous material from month 1-4.

Access to the exclusive FACEBOOK GROUP for members!

Watch and participate in Per's live video sessions. Get personal feedback and  from Per.  Get your questions answered. Get feedback from and give feedback to and connect with other members. 


Online Singing Lessons

The Q&A Video Vault - 5 1/2 Hours of Video Coaching.

AND All The Bonus Material that is available inside The Singing Zone - such as:

  • Ear Training Course
  • Rhythm Training Course
  • Music Theory training Course
  • Articles
  • Audio Tracks
  • And much more


You understand and authorize that:
  • The initial investment today is only $47. You will then automatically be charged only $47 each month as long as you wish to be a member. 
  • Just as before, you may cancel your membership anytime you want by simply sending an email to support@thesingingzone.com.

Important: Since this offer is only valid for previous members of The Singing Zone, you must use the same email address as with your previous membership or the system won't recognize you. If you need to change email address, please email support@thesingingzone.com BEFORE placing your order.

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