Can I Pay With Paypal?

Not at this time. If you do not have or want to have a credit card, please contact your bank and have them issue a debit card. A prepaid credit card is also an option and are easily available these days.

I Am 75. Will It Help Me Too?

Oh Yes. There is no age limit to sing with freedom. We have many members who are in their 80s and 90s. Check out all of our Success Stories.

I Am A Classical Singer. Will It Help Me Too?

Absolutely. While this course does not address classical reportoire, you will experience how greater freedom to your instrument will enable you to sing your favorite classical music far more effectively. You are likely going to be surprised when you discover how much unnecessary effort you have used in the past to create that “classical” sound.

I Am A Rock Singer. Will It Help Me Too?

Absolutely. Many rock singers have done the program (see the Success Stories page), and Per Bristow is considered one of the premier coaches for rock and pop singers. With less physical effort and greater freedom you can sing with even more edge if you want. You’ll also learn how to prepare effectively and recover quickly so you can sing the way you want to sing for hours and hours and then be able to do it again the next day.

I Have A 11 Year Old Daughter Who Loves To Sing. Is This Program For Her?

These strategies are certainly exceptionally valuable for children, although this program is not created specifically for children. We therefore recommend that you as a parent go through the course first. By doing the lessons yourself you will gain invaluable knowledge to help your child develop an ability to sing with freedom and gain confidence. It will also enlighten you as to why traditional ways of teaching through singing scales and learning breath control is so often detrimental to children. Studying the Sing With Freedom program will enable you to evaluate future coaches, save fortunes in time and money, and help your child in the best way possible.