You missed out!

I recently did 12 sessions with 12 singers and they were, frankly, absolutely phenomenal. There were so many breakthroughs and aha moments. 

Today you get an exclusive opportunity to watch this Master Class Series and basically “look over my shoulder” and see how I lead people into discovering and releasing “magic” within

You will see my methodology of coaching in action, and you’ll learn how to use the exercises of The Singing Zone in the best ways possible. 

And Today I Will Give You
The Master Class Series For FREE!

Now, as you know, The Singing Zone has 14 modules. That is 14 months of training designed to take you to new levels every single month. 

Module 1 is equivalent to the Sing With Freedom program. So paying for 13 months/modules of The Singing Zone would be 13x$67= $871. Add the Master Class Series to that and it would be $871+ $1,568.

So how about this…. I will give you all modules of The Singing Zone for an entire year for only $697. AND with that you get the Master Class Series for FREE.

AN additional benefit is that all the modules open up right away. 

That can be bad and it can be good, because it requires a little discipline on your part, as the idea is not to skip ahead and skip around too much.

AND you also get a full year access to the Facebook group so you can ask me questions and get feedback.

How does that sound?

See some of the fun reactions from our sessions in this video:

Here's what Lynn emailed me after her show that we were preparing for in the master class:

"I wanted to tell you that after the lesson, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt like a new person. It's like you gave me permission to go for it.... to be free and most of all not to worry about my singing. I have felt very uplifted and excited since.

Since then I have had 2 gigs and people are talking. Of course I practiced like crazy leading up to the performances. Especially the Big Band Concert on Sunday 4th of June at the Manawatu Jazz Festival.

I got great applause,  and the most applause came from "Baby Get Lost"! People told me they were surprised; "You blew me away", "It was great", etc., and I came into the dining room next day to catch part of a conversation..."She's been like that since her lesson"... which made me smile.

I can't thank you enough. You have saved me from retiring from public singing."

Lyn Fry

So wouldn't it be amazing to see what we did that caused these reactions?

By seeing different singers who are on different levels, and who sing different styles, you’ll learn why we approach exercises differently and how it applies to you.

Some of the songs we cover are “Numb” by Linkin Park, “Let It Be” - Beatles, “Waiting On The World To Change” - John Mayer, “O Mio Babbino Caro”, “Con Te Partiro” plus many more. 

In other words, an eclectic mix of songs and styles. Rest assured that you will learn from every single session, whatever style you sing and whatever level you’re at.

Here's what You Get:

ONE YEAR FULL ACCESS Membership In The NEW Singing Zone
14 modules of the newest version of The Singing Zone (everything was upgraded in 2020) with many sessions in each module.
Plus you also get access to the regular membership bonuses, such as Ear Training, Rhythm Training, Music Theory Training, etc. 

Value $871 – $697

ONE YEAR ACCESS To Our Private Facebook Group With Personal Access To Per!
Engage with other members from all over the world. Get feedback and your questions answered by Per personally. Participate in live sessions, and more.

Value ??? – FREE!

The NEW Sing With Freedom Program! (In case you still have the old antique 😉 version.)
Enjoy the new version that now consists of 8 powerful and fun sessions (instead of previously 4 sessions).

Value $197 – FREE!

The NEW Master Class Series!
12 powerful and fun sessions with 12 singers. Witness breakthroughs before your very eyes and see why it happens. Learn how to use the material from The Singing Zone in even more effective ways.

Value $697 – FREE!


Only $697