Watch Real Life Applications Of How To Use The Strategies And Exercises Of The Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone Program In The Most Effective Ways!

Yes, get ready to witness real-time breakthroughs in these 12 brand new recorded sessions with 12 singers.

You’ll not only be as delighted and in awe as the singers were in their sessions, but you’ll get new and deep insights into how you can improve effectively.

We should all realize that however good we are as singers, we all tend to get stuck in our patterns - patterns in our beliefs, patterns in how we act and execute.

The Power Of Watching 12 Sessions With Different Singers

Part of my job and skill as a coach is to “break” these patterns, to evaporate beliefs that hold us back. I help the person experience something new and different - a new ability, a new perspective, a different way of doing things. The results are often, as you will see, remarkable.

More importantly, I provide insights into what’s possible, and I provide strategies of how to train to move forward, and you will see how it applies to you.

So you will not only discover effective ways to improve your voice and learn how to use the exercises in more effective ways depending on the situation. You will also see my style of coaching in action. I hope that alone will help you experience greater freedom and abilities in your life far beyond singing.

An Eclectic Mix Of Songs And Sessions That Will All Benefit You

Now, if you were to witness one session, it would be great. But the power here lies in watching all 12 sessions. By seeing different singers, who are on different levels, who sing different styles, approach exercises differently, you’ll learn so much more.

Some of the songs we cover are “Numb” by Linkin Park, “Let It Be” - Beatles, “Waiting On The World To Change” - John Mayer, “O Mio Babbino Caro”, “Con Te Partiro” plus many more. 

In other words, an eclectic mix of songs and styles. Rest assured that you will learn from every single session, whatever style you sing and whatever level you’re at.


Here's what Lynn emailed me after her show that we were preparing for in the master class:

"I wanted to tell you that after the lesson, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt like a new person. It's like you gave me permission to go for it.... to be free and most of all not to worry about my singing. I have felt very uplifted and excited since.

Since then I have had 2 gigs and people are talking. Of course I practiced like crazy leading up to the performances. Especially the Big Band Concert on Sunday 4th of June at the Manawatu Jazz Festival.

I got great applause,  and the most applause came from "Baby Get Lost"! People told me they were surprised; "You blew me away", "It was great", etc., and I came into the dining room next day to catch part of a conversation..."She's been like that since her lesson"... which made me smile.

I can't thank you enough. You have saved me from retiring from public singing."

Lyn Fry

So fill out your information below, and see for yourself what we did to prepare Lynn, and why everyone else had such greater experiences. You’ll gain new insights, learn new strategies, and get an even deeper understand of how to use the exercises from the Sing With Freedom/ The Singing Zone training even more effectively.

Plus watching these sessions might also be entertaining :)

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