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Rock, Pop & Contemporary Singers

Success Stories

Many rock, pop and contemporary singers have trained with the Sing With Freedom Program and The Singing Zone program. Here are some of their stories on developing greater freedom, strength and confidence. 

"My Voice Has Never Felt More Free!"

To produce a vocal tone totally naturally without pushing or pulling, I have to say, the “Sing with Freedom” program really has got it nailed. I believe that “Sing with Freedom” is like the “Organic” singing program without any artificialness. It takes on a totally new approach and lets you interact with your voice as an internal source rather than something that needs creating at every semi tone. The bit that got me most was how much of a part the tongue and the neck muscles play in shaping the tone…..many teachers/coaches overlook this problem and rather than addressing it, give their students more scales, which only worsens the problem as they already have an incomplete technique. My voice has never felt more free and my tone and never been so resonant.

Shanul Sharma

"The Best Program I Have Ever Seen"

I've been singing at a semi pro level for about 24 years, including 3 years of private instruction and several CD-based and DVD-based programs. This is the best program I have ever seen. I was experiencing greater ease and relaxation when singing after the first DVD. I find that my voice not only sounds ‘freer' but also I don't encounter as much vocal ‘stiffness' the next day. It's becoming easier to get my voice ready for the next evening's gig!

John Perinbam

"Thank You"

After singing professionally with a rock band as well as a solo performer for 20 plus years… I always found it challenging to try and keep some kind of consistency in my night to night performance. Well over the years some of the bad nights led to vocal polyps and nodules. After accepting that I would either need surgery or some kind of miracle …the answer came after searching the internet in the form of my now good friend Per Bristow and “The Singing Zone”. I now still perform 4 and 5 nights a week for 4 and sometimes 5 hours a night. Using Per Bristow's method has put me in touch with my inner relaxation and power to deliver consistent performances night after night with full tone and clarity. Thank you Per Bristow !!

Remy Lambert

"I Keep Singing Big Song After Big Song And Never Back Off"

I am still only half way through the program and I have just purchased the entire DVD set but I feel I have improved considerably. People say to me they are amazed how I just keep singing big song after big song and never back off. I have sang and held some notes I have previously not been quite able to get. I am very happy with my improvements so far but even happier and encouraged by other people's comments. Other people don't have to comment, but when they do there must be something good happening.

Jon Matthews

"Per Is Like The BRUCE LEE Of The VOICE!"

I have been singing songwriting for 17 years. I am from South Africa and I just moved to LA. Been doing the course for 8 Months now, what a miracle!!!!!!!!!! And it has helped to let my instrument be what it is supposed to be. [Per is] like the BRUCE LEE of the VOICE! I know what you have discovered in yourself, all there is to be discovered in the voice, and I would really be so honored to be a vessel to pass your knowledge through in a much more personal way. I'll thank you on behalf of the whole world for what you have shared. The world of singers has been waiting for the truth to be revealed.

Sean Van Blerk
South Africa/California

"Your Program Made All The Difference In The World"

Keith Lee
professional rock singer
New Orleans

"A Revelation"

I got back into playing live gigs and recording after a 20+ year layoff. I am only a couple months into the program, but the anatomy part – learning to identify and control the parts of the throat, mouth, larynx, vocal chords, etc., and turn the right ones on and the wrong ones off…that was a revelation.

Alfonso Agnew

"What An Eye-Opener!!"

I have been playing and singing in a rock and blues band for nearly 12 years, and I usually sing high stuff (e.g. AC-DC, Guns ‘N Roses, Jimmy Barnes etc.). In the last year, however, I've had problems singing those high notes. So I hopped on the Internet and came across Per Bristow's website and signed up for his course. What an eye-opener!!! Not only did my voice get back to the level I was performing before, but it also improved beyond that – especially the comfort with which I'm singing these high notes now and also the very low range. Thanks Per!

Alfonso Agnew

"I Felt The Resonance That I Have Been Wanting"

I have been playing guitar professionally for about 13 years now, and I always wished I could sing as well as I could play guitar. With my previous vocal lessons, I have always been told, “control the breath on the way out', ‘use the diaphragm' etc, which actually gave me tightness in the larynx and chest, as I was ‘tensing up' in order to control my voice, which led to huge frustrations, so much so, in fact that I hung up my guitar and decided to take an indefinite break from music, as I just wasn't enjoying myself anymore. Thanks to your approach, I have released the pressure I put on myself to be ‘perfect' NOW and am just enjoying the process of exploration. As soon as I started to practice the Sing with Freedom exercises, I felt the resonance that I have been wanting, and it continues to develop. I am into my second month or the program now, and am enjoying my new found vocal freedom and relative pitch practice. I appreciate your methods and passion for not only making people better singers, but better people in the process.

Mitchell Callander

"You Saved My Shows"

I just recently finished a tour in Asia and the Middle-East. Before that, I could only sing a couple of nights a week and would always need a few days to recover because I barely had a voice. Singing cover tunes by Whitney Houston, Kelly Clarkson, Aretha Franklin, and other power songs can really take its toll on your voice if you're singing the way I was singing. Then I joined a one year tour that would require me to sing 6 nights a week! I panicked! Wondering how I was gonna pull this off. Well, as the Universe has it, your program came across my path, so I took the chance and signed up. And within the first 4 or 5 sessions, there was a remarkable difference! It worked! I sang 6 nights a week for a year and never had a night that I couldn't perform. You saved my shows!

LaTosha Thomas

"I Love That I Can Go At My Own Pace"

I have been singing professionally for 40 years and there is ALWAYS room for improvement. With your program I love that I can go at my own pace with my own schedule as my life can be rather ‘interesting' at times! I can't remember which lesson it was, but there was the thing about lower chest/lung expansion that has changed EVERYTHING for me…. that was worth the entire course! My boyfriend is using the DVDs as well and he is singing again after MANY years off… WE BOTH JUST LOVE PER!

Mona Caywood

"My Voice Would Become Hoarse After Rehearsals"

Per, you have made my voice feel the freedom that I had always wanted! Before I learned the Bristow Voice Method, my voice would become hoarse after rehearsals and I'd stop singing for weeks waiting to get my voice back. After just doing two weeks of your lessons, my voice wouldn't tire. My range has improved and I have more confidence to gracefully slide into my higher registers and my songwriting has improved drastically. I've learned so much about singing! Thank-you Per – you rock

Tara Napoli
Los Angeles, CA

"I've Gotten More Out Of This Course Than Any Other"

I've gotten more out of this course so far than any other lessons or videos I've watched. It's really awesome being able to take singing from the absolute basics: working on how to correctly produce sound. In the past it's always been about hitting a note, no matter what you'd have to do to your voice/body to get to it. And once you got it, it was like, ok, great, onto the next note. I'd be left with no added confidence in my voice. This is what this program has given me.

Oliver Badman

"I Love The Advice On How To Relax The Jaw"

I have a terrible case of t.m.j. and the tongue exercises have really reduced the jaw pain i get.

Pearl West

"I Have Found My One True Voice"

I have studied with some of the most well-known vocal instructors in Los Angeles, but NO ONE compares to Per's tapestry of training tools in vocal pedagogy. With Per's freeing approach and compassion, I have found my one true voice and I am seeing the results in my professional singing career. He is not only the ‘Buddha of the Voice', he is without a doubt Los Angeles' most extraordinary vocal coach.

Angel Travis
Los Angeles, CA

"I Love Performing On Stage Now"

I really didn't know what to expect from your coaching and didn't believe that coaching through DVDs can really make a difference. But I am living proof that it does!!! First of all, I realized that I needed a lot of breath to sing. At the same time, my range was very very limited. All in all, I was doing everything wrong! So, I got your DVDs and started them ASAP. The first and the second DVD corrected a lot of my problems. My singing wasn't breathy anymore. I was putting less tension on my vocals. I had a radio gig a month after I started your program and that went pretty well thanks to you!!! I was very pleased with the results and moved on to the third DVD and it took me a while to do all the exercises because I wanted to do them correctly. In two months time, I saw tremendous results. My range has increased beyond my expectations and I love performing on stage now, to show off my new voice of course. I have no problems focusing on my guitar playing while singing because singing feels “effortless” now! My stage confidence has increased a lot and my friends and my immediate circle love my new songs. Thank you once again, you really have the power to change peoples' lives!!!

Aninda Sarker