Success Stories: Singers Over Sixty

Success Stories Over 60

You are never too old to learn to sing. Numerous "seniors" have reaped tremendous rewards doing the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone program.  

Here are comments from a few of them.

"There Is No Limit!"

I am 88 years old, female, and very active as a pressed flower artist, calligrapher, and officer and elder of my church. I sang in Sweet Adelines choruses for many years, and as soloist with a wintertime band over the past five years. I loved your course. Relaxing the throat muscles, expanding the chest–I was amazed how that helped me sing better, reach the high notes easier, and sing for a long period of time without straining or tiring. I have been asked numerous times about my ‘professional singing career,' and answer with a laugh that I am not a pro. What is the age limit for singing well? My answer: ‘There is no limit!

Betty Bartholomew

"I Have NEVER Had Such A BRILLIANT Vocal Lesson EVER!!"

I have just gone through the first lesson with Per. I have NEVER had such a BRILLIANT vocal lessons EVER!! I have been singing professionally for decades and have had ‘coaching' in the past. I have NEVER experienced such a FUN TIME and happy feeling as I had with PER on this ‘trip' with regards to how to handle RELAXATION, and ‘tension' within the vocal chords and body. I cannot imagine ANYONE being able to better this coaching method as it feels so EASY and GREAT FUN and a WONDERFUL TRIP into AWARENESS of what a person can achieve with the correct guidance. Per is the most PERFECT OF ‘GUIDES' and I felt a wonderful happy feeling just watching the video and working with Per as though he were actually in the room with me at the time. I am VERY PLEASED to have this gentleman helping me in my career as a singer, thank you Per very much indeed!

Billy Michaels
United Kingdom

"You're Never Too Old"

If it wasn't for your course I probably would not have got back into singing. Your never too old to start again as you put it, being older has given me more life experiences that can be expressed through my singing, just needed the tools . Your sense of humour and the ability to make one feel at ease was truly helpful and your philosophy about life is inspiring to say the least. You helped me so much with the bottom end of my voice that I didn't know I had. A have a new sense of freedom in my voice for Jazz and a new approach to life and singing that is both freeing and fun. May we never stop learning! Thanks Per

Barbara Crow
New Zealand

"It's Just Magic"

David Jessop
United Kingdom

"As A 94 Years Old, I Extend My Thanks"

I am a 94 year-old man and have been interested in music all my life and have had opportunities to participate in several musical experiences. I learned to play the piano in grade school. Since college graduation, I have joined several different church choirs depending on where I lived at the time. My decision to join your Singing Zone Program came a year ago when I was invited by our next door neighbor to join their group in a very small church. My objective in joining your program was to extend my singing range in the direction of lower notes. I have a reasonable baritone range but hoped I could become a more distinctive bass. I’m pleased that in less than a year I have made good progress toward my objective. The director of the tiny choir I’m in has given me compliments in that respect so I extend my thanks to you for the success of your program.

Edwin Rich
New Hampshire

"The Title Says It All: Freedom"

Brian Thompson
United Kingdom

"I've Been Able To Sing Music That A Year Ago I Could Never Have Done"

Armand Gaudette
Active Choir Singer, Hobby Singer

"The Lessons Are Fun And Inspiring"

Carolyn Morrow
Senior Citizen, Active Singer

I Can Now Express Myself Freely Without Strain

Prochy Master
French Teacher
Mumbai, India

"Found Out How To Breathe Effectively"

I have stretched my range and found out how to breathe effectively for the first time. At age 75 improved freedom and resonance has been noted by other members of my choir. This is all down to the exercises in Sing With Freedom program.

Richard Stevens

"75 Years Old, Getting Puzzled Looks"

I am 75 years old and have just joined an over 70s choir, hence my purchase of the DVD set. This is the first time I have ever sung in public and the first two DVDs have really changed the voice for the better. I am getting a few puzzled looks at practice both from those singing beside me and the musical director. So far I have not disclosed the secret of my improvement, although I might do so to one or two of my buddies. Since getting the DVDs I have been promoted to singing the opening verse of Gilbert and Sullivan's “Drunken Sailor” and second verse of “Swing low sweet chariot”. Who knows maybe when I finish all the DVDs I might get to sing a solo! Thank you for the help and pleasure the DVDs have given me.

Bernard McMahon

"Your Simple And Effective Approach Has Given Me A Precious Gift -- The Joy Of Singing"

I'm the 63-year-old lady who spoke with you on the telephone last September about needing to shape up my voice quickly for an upcoming performance. I worked intensively with the DVD lessons and found them very helpful! The performance went very well, and I was relaxed enough to actually enjoy singing. So much of what you say makes sense, and I felt I achieved a remarkable improvement in just the 3 weeks I was able to work on your approach. My serious voice training (from age 9 through my Masters Degree) got me so tied up in knots that I only seemed to get more tension in my singing, instead of less, the more I worked at it. I was so frustrated that I finally was willing to give up singing altogether, rather than go on torturing myself with the issues created by all the tightness. I pretty much stopped performing about 15 years ago, because it just wasn't worth it to deal with the technical problems and lack of vocal control that I invariably experienced because of trying so hard to “control” my voice. I agreed to do this recent performance as a favor, and considered it would probably be my “swan song.” Well, it turned out to be a new jump-start! With a much more relaxed voice I was able to “let loose” and really enjoy performing. I wasn't consumed by the old life-long stage fright that was always so destructive, and I handled many of the technical demands of the music better than I ever have. There were still a few issues, such as a weak lower range, but mostly my voice soared and I felt I had conquered the frustration that had been holding me back for so many years. I really have a wonderful voice, and now I look forward to doing more with it. I'm so glad I stumbled onto your Website. Your simple and effective approach has given me a precious gift–the joy of singing, and singing well. Thank you for what you are doing! I only wish I had discovered you sooner!

Janet Sage

"I Trusted My Instincts"

About a year ago (I'm a Senior) I started my own uke band as a beginner musician. And as I've traveled my new musical path, I began to seek out a music instructor who had the right stuff and who could help me release and free up the voice in a casual manner without those stupefying scales. I somehow stumbled into your site after Googling around and now here I am freeing up my voice so I can enjoy all its potential and richness. My StringAlongs uke/string band plays mainly Country, a bit of Pop and Island and we perform for fun/satisfaction/camaraderie. Mirth is my motto as I travel forth singing my way. I just thought you'd enjoy my experience and the important role you're playing to help empower those of us who are ready to grasp the gusto. I trusted my instincts and will continue on learning/growing/singing.

Loyce Smallwood

"I Am Getting More Confident"

I just want to drop a line and say how much I enjoy your course even though I am only a few days into it. I am 63 years old and am doing something I have wanted to do for an absolute eternity. I have been recently widowed, (7 months in 4 days) and I'll be having a memorial golf day for my wonderful husband and I want to sing on this special day with my granddaughters. I do not profess to be a singer of any level. I just want to sound good enough on the day, as there will be around 100-120 invited people playing golf and then lunch, drinks, presentations and a show from me and my granddaughters, ( a surprise for all). I am very nervous and hope I don't chicken out on the day, but I am getting more confident as I go along, and now more so with your course. Thank you again Per.

Sharyn Campbell

"Now I'm Enjoying My Singing Again!"

I think the main thing I've noticed is that I have a new, little inner voice (which is getting louder!) that tells me to “RELAX!” when I'm singing, and the other older voice that said “THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” does indeed seem to be getting quieter!! I believe this relaxation is the key to my improvement. I've always had a “musical ear” and been able to maintain fairly good pitch, tone, etc. (especially in what I call my “safe zone”) but I've always been critical of myself when my voice breaks or cracks when I try to stretch my range, or if I can't quite get the “high” note. I found that trying to be a “perfect” singer was so difficult to attain, and quite draining!! And so, for me, Per seems to have given me some much needed “permission” to be my NATURAL self again. No worries if I don't get it right FIRST TIME anymore!!! I know now, that practice doesn't have to be formal, or like a chore. Now, I can be MYSELF again. Now I'm ENJOYING my singing again. That in itself is the biggest achievement I've gained since studying this course. Thank you again, Per, for everything.

Sharon Moore

"Claims Of Unusually Fast Progress Did Not Ring True"

As a singer who regularly performs in public I was curious to learn about Per Bristow's voice method. Claims of unusually fast progress did not ring true since it was my understanding, and indeed my personal experience, that it takes about seven highly committed years with a good teacher to be able to deliver a song or vocal performance, without amplification, to an audience. I am now in a position to say that had I been introduced to Per Bristow's approach at the outset, I have little doubt that my progress would have been a good deal quicker than that. For instance, it took ages before I was made aware that the muscles for chewing, swallowing, tongue mobility etc., had to be tamed so they no longer interfered with the delivery of a free vocal line. Per Bristow deals with stuff like that right away. Yes, I endorse Per Bristow's approach to singing.

Geoff Wilson

"It Feels Like Lifting The Mystery Of Singing"

In the past I sang at a conservatorium and with the Hobart Tasmanian Symphony Chorus. I helps so much to see and hear you singing, demonstrating, encouraging, and explaining why and how the student has difficulties and what to do to improve. I was a bit stuck in my belief that I could not improve further, but seeing those videos I have now got some tips as to what I can do further and how to relax etc. l work on my voice, and watch and work with all those wonderful lessons, it feels like lifting the mystery of singing. Thank you, thank you with all my heart, that is all I can say. You are helping so many people to sing with freedom, joy and happiness, you have a wonderful talent to hear when listening to your students what the problems are and how to help, and also to convey your knowledge via your videos to everybody who wants to learn. Your friendly attitude alone helps singers to relax, which I noticed when I practised in the beginning, with you it was much easier. Please keep doing your wonderful work for a long time…

Helena Griggs

"It Helps Me To Loosen Up"

I've sung almost all of my life and performed for most of my adult (I'm 68) and So far these lessons have been very interesting and different from anything that I've ever known. It helps me to loosen-up…I did a concert this past Sunday and it was one of my better performances. I love the program because it isn't just the newer methods but it is fun too!

Grace Basque

"My Experience Has Been Excellent"

I have learned a number of new vocal techniques that have been helpful in relaxing the tongue and other surrounding muscles. So far my experience has been excellent.

Bruce Foreman
Barbershop Singer
Washington State