Hobby Singers: Success Stories

Here's how some of the many "hobby singers" who have wanted to learn how sing better and with greater freedom have experienced the Sing With Freedom Program and The Singing Zone.

"Absolutely Priceless"

I always thought there was a very natural way of letting the inner singer come alive from within as opposed to assaulting the human brain with endless vocal gymnastics that led me further away from my true self. Also I did not have any more to waste as I was between jobs. So I let my spirit guide to the right mentor and here i found him – absolutely wonderful. I love the way you talk about the vocals cords and they have become my best friends. I also love your holistic approach towards singing – absolutely priceless.

Caterina Eve

"Using It To Better Our Human Experience"

Not only am I receiving very helpful information from the Skype sessions, Per, but my wife Sarah is now inspired by your gentle teaching methods to learn to sing better. She now wants to sing with me in my concerts! We watch the Skype sessions and the lessons together and enjoy them very much! Sarah keeps commenting on your wisdom because of the way we see people in the Skype videos transformed right before our eyes. You are probably not aware of your special “people” talent, but you have it Per and we appreciate and honor your using it to better our human experience. Thank you!

Marvin Glenn

"Got Me Into Relaxing The Throat"

Your course is very innovative in the sense of initial lessons were not focusing on pitch, range but stepped away from all that and got me into relaxing the throat and vocal cords to just let it flow. It helped me right away. And I continue to take singing lessons from a wonderful singing coach. I really like Per's relaxed style to make it all fun. I play solo acoustic jobs and play in rock band as singer/ guitarist and I’m always trying to get better despite music is not my main profession. Looking forward to more sessions on your website!!

Gary Bernardini
New York

"An Amazing Feat For Me To Sing In Public"

Yes, I am enjoying singing again. I do not stress out and force sound. I am relaxed because I know how to produce sound. I can tell when there is tension in my voice. Most times I can overcome that. I have been the cantor at church twice now and that is an amazing feat for me to sing in public without freezing up. I am working on the Royal School of Church Music program and am making progress now. I was very frustrated with my lack of progress and I now realize that I was my own worst enemy. I am so enjoying the singing zone and am delighted with what has happened to my singing and voice in just 10 months.

Dawn Mullican
Burlingame, Canada

"One Of The Most Wonderful Things That Has Ever Happened To Me Musically"

Your voice method is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me musically. I am thrilled to hear my voice change month by month and simply to experience more freedom is a wonderful thing in life. Thank you

Rebecca Rowley

"I've Been Using Your Concepts With My Barbershop Chorus"

I sing a lot of contemporary rock music and barbershop, and I am the director of a barbershop chorus named the New Mexichords. I love these classes! They are so helpful! I am able to learn so much more watching this in real time. I really love your voice method, and I've been using some of the concepts with my barbershop chorus.

Jamie Arington
Director of Barbershop Chorus
New Mexico

"Best Musical Decision I've Ever Made"

I play a variety of instruments and sang a lot between the ages of 20 to 25, but then not much for the next 30 years. My favourite singers include David Gilmour, Justin Hayward, Art Garfunkel, Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens and Colin Blunstone. When I started again about a year ago, I felt I would benefit from some sort of training, but have always shied away from traditional methods. Only last night I was reflecting on how appropriate your promise of ‘sing with more freedom' is. That's exactly what I've experienced with your training: Greater freedom. Confidence is one of the most important things I've gained since starting the course – and that confidence from singing better has spread to playing other instruments. Joining your programme is probably the best musical decision I've ever made.

Tony Shaw
Templecombe, United Kingdom

"More Progress Than I Could Have Ever Dreamed"

Absolutely, more progress than I could have ever dreamed of in such a short period of time! I look forward to helping any one I meet to introduce to your program, they will thank me for the rest of their singing career.

Dennis Golas

"I Had No Singing Voice 9 Months Ago"

I don't think you realize just how much your lessons have done for me. I honestly had no singing voice 9 months ago, and it's just like you described on your blog… I'm facing my fear and getting the skills, and my confidence is just now starting to grow. It's the first time I've sang softer and known about dynamics and didn't hit everything hard. Listening back to what I used to try to do I can now hear why I didn't sound good. I'm also still hearing and learning new things almost daily from your lessons. I was trying to think of questions for you for the seminars.. but I keep on finding the answers within your lesson!! They are incredible! and you give us so much!

Steve Weston
United Kingdom

"Truly Impacting My Life Greatly"

I just hit the 33 mark and have been playing piano and guitar on and off for about 20 yrs now. I really just seriously started making noise again about a year ago. I knew I had a voice in there. However, it was inconsistent and intermittent and rather raw material that has never had any training of any kind. It’s been a blessing to somehow magically stumble into your program and hands of help. You are a godsend. I've learned so much in just a few weeks and honestly seeing results while progressively progressing thanks to your One of a kind help that's bringing me exactly what I've been needing. You are truly impacting my life greatly. and again I just want to say thank you.

Jonathan Mallett
Des Plaines, IL

"I Had Some Doubts"

I sing in a chamber choir — a mix of early music and modern ‘classical,' but my real love is Renaissance polyphony. My objective in taking the course was to expand my range and to develop a clear tone in my singing.. and to try to correct some problems of an aging voice.. I had some doubts about working with lessons ‘on TV' — not having a teacher to listen to my sounds.. but I've been VERY pleasantly surprised that your program works so WELL. I WOULD like to have some face-time with a teacher… but this has certainly been OK. My singing has DEFINITELY improved. I'm more relaxed, range has extended about a 5th. Thanks for putting together your program.

Jeff Kaufmann
West Falmouth, MA

"I Had Starting Thinking About Giving Up..."

I am a choir director and I was having concerns that my voice was starting to fail me. I had already starting thinking about giving up singing specials at my church. Now my confidence level has been restored ever since I discovered how much easier is has become to sing just by utilizing your techniques. How refreshing it was to discover that I could sing high notes without out creating internal pressure and tension. I am light years ahead now compared to where I was just 4 months ago, and I have allowed my progress to help my choir.

Larry Grimes
Mt Sterling, KY

"Very First Lesson Was Eye-Opening"

Per is the REAL DEAL. The lessons are professional and not overly produced. Very down to earth and yet lets my singing reach the skies. The very first lessons was so eye-opening, and in all of them I have learned something useful. I enjoyed vocal fry. And I really was blown away by being able to have the vocal range discussion with Per over Skype. Love this program, Love Per Bristow!

Andy Atkins
Tokyo, Japan

"I Saw An Improvement In Tone Day One"

I love my voice lessons! I saw an improvement in tone day one and am now much more aware of how my vocal chords are working (and need to work) to help me produce the best quality of tone that I can muster. I am actually in the process of recording my third album and my pattern has been to do the lesson from start to finish and then sing songs for an hour. I have to say that your enthusiasm for singing and learning is truly infectious. I set aside time each day to go through a lesson or two and it really is an entertaining highlight to the day.

Geoff Hansplant

"A Revelation"

I got back into playing live gigs and recording after a 20+ year layoff. I am only a couple months into the program, but the anatomy part – learning to identify and control the parts of the throat, mouth, larynx, vocal chords, etc., and turn the right ones on and the wrong ones off…that was a revelation.

Alfonso Agnew

"After The First Video Everything Changed"

After the first video everything changed! I learned how to relax my voice, and how to experiment with it like you teach. I realized that the “something” that was bothering me was because I was pushing too much. Now I don't do that. I was to the point of “If this course doesn't work I'm going to forget about singing”. I'm only as far as the first video and I want to say THANK YOU! This is a big deal for me. Again, thank you.

Dave Moordigian

"I Am Beginning To Sound The Way I've Always Wanted To"

The lessons are simple and straight -forward. At first they seemed silly but as I put them into practice, I find that I am beginning to ‘sound' the way I've always wanted to. The ease of singing with the added benefit of ‘confidence' is well worth the money. Not only am I able to apply the lessons in the ‘physical' sense; I am able to apply them as ‘life lessons' as well.

Thomas Penry

"I Have Stopped Trying To Control Everything"

What I have experienced in the program is just a whole new world in singing. My throat is much, much looser now, especially the area around the larynx, the tongue is getting out of the way, the inhalation and the exhalation are more relaxed, I have stopped trying to control everything.

Pall Lindal

"I've Gotten More Out Of This Course Than Any Other Lessons"

I'm 22 (from Sydney, Australia) and have been singing for about 1.5 years, before which I had never any intention of being a singer because I really couldn't/didn't know how to sing. I've gotten more out of this course so far than any other lessons or videos I've watched. It's really awesome being able to take singing from the absolute basics: working on how to correctly produce sound. In the past it's always been about hitting a note, no matter what you'd have to do to your voice/body to get to it. And once you got it, it was like, ok, great, onto the next note. I'd be left with no added confidence in my voice. I am looking forward to continuing with your program.

Oliver Badman

"I Could Feel The Difference: A True Feeling Of Freedom"

We live in a world where all too often, especially with offers on the internet, we get much less than we had hoped for, but your program is truly an exception. Within the first 2 or 3 weeks, my husband could hear a big difference in my voice. And I could feel the difference: A true feeling of freedom. I always loved to sing. I never thought I could love it more than that, but I do, and then some! My voice is fuller, richer, and mostly, it feels like it comes so easily. I have never been able to sing a cappella, off-the-cuff, like others do. I couldn't find the right note, get into the right key, or rhythm – – – forget about rhythm. Now I just open up and sing any time, and never worry about my voice cracking.

Donita O'Donnell

"It's Like Having A Teacher Everyday"

I spent 17 years singing backing vocals. I am very happy with what I've learned so far. I am more aware of what's happening in my body as a whole when I sing – kinesthetic awareness! I also like the fact that I can play the lessons over & over every day as much as I want to for practice & clarification – it's like having a singing teacher every day but only one fee. I have found the lessons very relaxing but I've also enjoyed the humor really helpful & fun.

Jacqui Hart
New Zealand

"More Confidence In Getting Sound Out"

I find the lessons and the additional primary source material of excellent quality. I have already noticed a relaxation in some of my facial muscles and more confidence in getting sound out no matter what it sounds like. Lack of confidence, fear of what I sound like and what others think in concert with a perfectionist spirit is a recipe for disaster. I want to succeed as I know I have something special to offer and I believe this program can help me realize my dreams.

Craig Sweany

"Engaging With The Audience Better Than Ever"

My expectations have been exceeded. I love to learn as well and I feel like I have learned 100% more than I already knew about singing. Then when I played at an open jam I usually play at every Thursday, I was noticing how I was engaging with the audience better than ever. I was noticing so many uses of dynamics in my songs that were very helpful. Since I mainly play all originals it is a challenge to keep the audience involved and actually listen to what I am saying because when I play for one or just a few people and they hear my lyrics. I know when I have struck a chord (so to speak) in their heart and that is what I am striving to do.

Joe Michonski

"Cannot Believe The Sound Coming Out Of My Mouth"

With absolutely no formal training I have sang my entire life until I was nearly 21 years old. My voice did get progressively better, but I hit a wall. That is when I began looking into technique. But what I found was confusing and conflicting information. Thankfully, I stumbled upon your course. Naturally I was skeptical at first, but after the course I have been singing better than ever. I am constantly in awe of my voice to the point that I cannot believe it is actually coming out of my mouth. Music is such a huge part of my life and I cannot thank you enough for making such high-end vocal training available and affordable. You have single-handedly taken me from an average singer to a great singer, and I can think of very few people who have impacted my music as much as you have. I'm recommending this course to anyone who is ready to become the singer they've always wanted to be. Thanks again for all of your help Per.

Mike Harari

"Taken My Performance To The Next Level"

Hi Per: Thanks so much for making your course available to the public. I have learned a lot in a very short time. I used to force the notes out and I easily became hoarse. Now I sing the notes with ease. I get comments like ” Wow, Your voice is so powerful, and you seem to do it effortlessly”. I have learned to relax more and let most of my power come from my chest area. Every singer is different, but I prefer the chest sound. The exercises that you recommend really help keep my vocal chords relaxed and loose. I am now able to sing louder and stronger with far less effort or strain. Any singer, amateur or pro who really wants to improve their voice should take your vocal course. I am the vocalist for a Neil Diamond Tribute band. We book gigs all over the country. Your course has helped me take my performance to the next level. Many thanks Per.

Eddie Kij

"My Voice Is Freer Than It Ever Has Been"

I have been singing for many years and following Per's online singing course was a great experience. I learned a lot about my voice, on how to work and vibrate my vocal cords. This understanding is an open door towards the release of sound. I feel my voice is freer than it ever has been. Thank you, Per, for this precious help and wonderful time.

Sophie Tenot

"A New Instrument Of Music That I Can Play"

After 1st lesson: “Wow … I gotta comment .. This is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME !!! Oh yes – so much more than just singing … Thank you !!!” After completing course: “What an experience this has been… I sang Silent Night at the family Christmas gathering and my son (20) says to me: “Ya know dad – you can sing – and you should expand your venues to other styles of music”. What a difference from years before when folks said – “just play the piano – don't sing”. I really want to thank you for helping me see something within me, the singing voice, that was always there … A new instrument of music that I can play … And it is such a fascinating instrument, the singing voice … So much more than the piano, or guitar. I have spent most of my life expressing my emotions through the piano and guitar. And now, to be able to express my emotions with my voice … Wow !!! Thank you … Even at 51, I realize now that ya can teach an old dog new tricks !!!

Danny Sternadel

"Spent So Many Years Protecting My Voice"

I've spent so many years protecting my voice from cracking when singing through my “bridges”, that it was at first difficult to just let go and allow my voice to be free – like a baby does – without the fear and the apprehension. Your course was great, and what I drew from the lessons was how the voice can be allowed rather than forced. The strain and push (at least for me) came from trying to force and squeeze the notes, because of the apprehension that if I let go I will crack. The reality set in that if I practice the techniques and exercises you gave, the vocal folds actually strengthen themselves via that “letting go” process, and the voice won't break when going through the bridges. Now I'm able to feel the difference between the relaxed voice and the strained voice. And you know what? The relaxed voice is much easier and the one preferred. Thanks Per for all your help and assistance.

Grover Simmons

"I Was Having Problems With Hoarseness"

Hello Per, I purchased the course because I sing karaoke every weekend and I was having problems with hoarseness. My singing was already good and it has really gotten better since I have taken the course. I sing so many types of genres of song including Rock, R&B, and even some hip hop. The amazing thing now is I can complete a night of singing some of these taxing songs with little or no hoarseness the following day. I practice learning new songs constantly and have learned a great deal from singing so many ranges of songs. I purchased the song in the summer of last year and about a month ago one person said after one of songs “that was awesome.” Several other people applauded me on the same song, and it's great to be told you were awesome and not be hoarse the next day. Thank you.

Jesse Cook

"At First I Was Skeptical"

I'm 36 yrs old and at first I was skeptical that a singing/voice course could be done without the instructor hearing what I'm singing. I did not intend to become a professional singer, only to improve the dynamics of my speaking voice during presentations and build the confidence to sing some karaoke with customers in Japan without sounding awful! After the first three lessons and regular practice I started to notice a difference… speaking and singing with less effort and more range. While I was singing along to a song at a bar, a friend commented, “I didn't know you could sing.” Honestly, I didn't know either. I am still working through the rest of the course and I'll let you know how the karaoke goes. The strange part is that your ears are probably better than you think so not having someone listening early on doesn't seem to be an issue. This course gives you exercises to be able to sing better regardless of experience. It's like someone showing you how to hold a pick and hit clean notes on a guitar. Even if you already play guitar, the exercises will only make you better.

Jim Darnell

"Now I'm Enjoying My Singing Again!"

I think the main thing I've noticed is that I have a new, little inner voice (which is getting louder!) that tells me to “RELAX!” when I'm singing, and the other older voice that said “THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” does indeed seem to be getting quieter!! I believe this relaxation is the key to my improvement. I've always had a “musical ear” and been able to maintain fairly good pitch, tone, etc. (especially in what I call my “safe zone”) but I've always been critical of myself when my voice breaks or cracks when I try to stretch my range, or if I can't quite get the “high” note. I found that trying to be a “perfect” singer was so difficult to attain, and quite draining!! And so, for me, Per seems to have given me some much needed “permission” to be my NATURAL self again. No worries if I don't get it right FIRST TIME anymore!!! I know now, that practice doesn't have to be formal, or like a chore. Now, I can be MYSELF again. Now I'm ENJOYING my singing again. That in itself is the biggest achievement I've gained since studying this course. Thank you again, Per, for everything.

Sharon Moore

"Like Really Being In The Same Room With You"

Hello Per, Firstly let me tell you how much I've enjoyed and benefited from your course. I have found the video's to be most beneficial to me. Watching you on my computer is like really being in the same room with you. I love the way you wait while allowing us to try various techniques. I feel like I could almost ask you a question right there and then! You are inspiring and thank you so much for your help.

Marco Moretti

"Makes Me Feel Free And Good About Myself"

I found your lessons during a Google search for I don't even remember what. I'm not a singer. As a matter of fact, I've never sang before more than to my daughter (she's 9) and my girlfriend. To be honest I never really plan on singing for a band or professionally in any way. I do however love to sing. It really, when everything is clicking, makes me feel incredible and in a weird way free. Through your lessons I have learned a lot about the vocal chords. How they work and how to make them work. I have become more comfortable with my voice. I have also learned a few things about myself and taking life with a little less seriousness. The tension speech about the vocal chords really hit home in other places as well. Thank you for that! You do a wonderful job making me feel like it is a one on one lesson. Again you won't see me on American Idol at any time but there is a 42 year old, wholly crap I'm old, that can carry a tune now albeit just for my daughter. It still makes me feel free and good about myself. In the end that is all that really matters.

Ryan Cornish

"I Love The Bristow Voice Method!"

I love the Bristow Voice Method! I play guitar and I found that it's not that great to just play guitar, you need to be able to sing too to get the full appreciation. I was very embarrassed of my voice and I tried some other voice lessons, but they were all female, which didn't fit my range and made them feel worthless. I searched high and low to find a male giving singing lessons, and I found the perfect fit with Per Bristow's Voice Method. He used easy techniques as well as teaches how things work tapping into my intrinsic learning, making learning to sing educational and fast. The Voice Method increased my range, enriched my tone and made me more confident. Thank you Per.

Ryan DeNoble

"I Feel Like I've Been Liberated"

The biggest change that I got from this course was not just in my singing but mostly my attitude. I was very self-conscience about singing in front of people, and I used to shake my head when I heard other people singing along with the music at the supermarket. Now I've relaxed (which instantly improved my singing). I sing all the time to exercise my vocal cords, even in the supermarket. I feel like I've been liberated to explore my own abilities. I've found that singing is very therapeutic. It releases stress and calms me down. This course was definitely a life enhancer for me. Thanks for everything, Per.

Albert Huerta

"The Exercises Are Fun"

Per, I just recently completed your online course. I have learned to relax more when singing and to not worry as much about being on pitch. I am not a singer by profession, just took the course for my own benefit. I have more confidence that I could sing with other people and have fun with it. Keep up the good work! I have enjoyed your voice lessons a lot. The exercises are fun and you present the material in an easy relaxed way. The written material and video complement each other well and gives me, the singer, a better understanding on what is going on. I have a greater understanding and appreciation of voice fundamentals. Your voice lessons presentation of the basic voice building blocks have given me a much better baseline. I have created a new relationship to the different muscles that defines my voice. I have had a great time studying with you and am looking forward to your blogs discussing the secret of mastering your own voice.

Benny Sommerfeld
Cantorial Student

"Rediscovered The Effortless Way Of Singing"

I've taken Per's online course. He does practice what he “preaches” in his ebook. His method really is quite different from the way most classically trained singing teachers teach. It's all about releasing i.e. freeing the voice. The online lessons helped me start to rediscover the effortless and enjoyable way of singing that came so naturally to me when I was a kid (I guess I picked it up from my Dad who used to sing and play the guitar a lot when I was young). Sound really was an extension of me (to quote Per's ebook). I lost most of that effortlessness after a prolonged episode of laryngitis when I was in my twenties and traditional singing lessons with breath control etc. didn't help that much to restore my free voice. I highly recommend Per's course.

Antti Leskela