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Classical & Choir Singers

Many classical singers and choir singers have developed their singing voices through the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone program. Yes! This voice training program can help with the styles of many singers. Here are comments from a few of them.

"This Is A Gold Mine"

IT'S A GIFT! The revelation I've had through only the first 4 lessons is worthwhile and priceless! After several years of opera singing, vocal training, and more than 10 years of coaching sessions, vocal lessons and master-classes with very renowned professionals in the opera world, I can tell you this is a GOLD mine!” “It is extremely important that I find my true voice and the relaxation of the vocal chords I need in order to work properly. So, again, THANK YOU Per for opening my eyes and for your amazing program!

Elias Castillo
Opera Singer

"It Feels Like Lifting The Mystery Of Singing"

In the past I sang at a conservatorium and with the Hobart Tasmanian Symphony Chorus. I helps so much to see and hear you singing, demonstrating, encouraging, and explaining why and how the student has difficulties and what to do to improve. I was a bit stuck in my belief that I could not improve further, but seeing those videos I have now got some tips as to what I can do further and how to relax etc. As I watch and work with all those wonderful lessons, it feels like lifting the mystery of singing. Thank you, thank you with all my heart, that is all I can say. You are helping so many people to sing with freedom, joy and happiness. Your friendly attitude alone helps singers to relax, which I noticed when I practised in the beginning with you it was much easier. Please keep doing your wonderful work for a long time…

Helena Griggs

"Built Up Not Just My Singing Voice"

Per, your Singing Zone course has done me SO much more good now even than last year when I was ill. I was determined to sing with Opera Camerata on stage this October which I did! When I was ill, after 2 months in isolation, I could then just lie in bed & relax & do your breathing & throat & tongue relaxation lessons, which built up not just my singing voice but brought back my physical strength & confidence. People now say they hardly recognize me now I am so fit and alive! With your lessons my voice is stronger than ever & I can now reach a top C solo in public even at my age & help organizing singing events & singing weekly with Jubilo Choir. Per you may not realize it but you and the Singing Zone courses have helped enormously in bringing me back to life after being literally nearly dead and weak as a kitten. To sing with friends gave me a fun goal to aim for. I simply cannot thank you enough. Without you, I would not be the same person.

Catherine Mein
Edinborough, Scotland

"I Had Some Doubts"

I sing in a chamber choir — a mix of early music and modern ‘classical,' but my real love is Renaissance polyphony. My objective in taking the course was to expand my range and to develop a clear tone in my singing.. and to try to correct some problems of an aging voice.. I had some doubts about working with lessons ‘on TV' — not having a teacher to listen to my sounds.. but I've been VERY pleasantly surprised that your program works so WELL. I WOULD like to have some face-time with a teacher… but this has certainly been OK. My singing has DEFINITELY improved. I'm more relaxed, range has extended about a 5th. Thanks for putting together your program.

Jeff Kaufmann
West Falmouth, MA

"An Amazing Feat For Me To Sing In Public"

Yes, I am enjoying singing again. I do not stress out and force sound. I am relaxed because I know how to produce sound. I can tell when there is tension in my voice. Most times I can overcome that. I have been the cantor at church twice now and that is an amazing feat for me to sing in public without freezing up. I am working on the Royal School of Church Music program and am making progress now. I was very frustrated with my lack of progress and I now realize that I was my own worst enemy. I am so enjoying the singing zone and am delighted with what has happened to my singing and voice in just 10 months.

Dawn Mullican
Burlingame, Canada

"This Program Solidified Everything For Me"

I am a choir director and voice teacher and had never been satisfied with traditional voice teaching methods, and, like you, had tried to come up with other things that worked better (some techniques the same as yours!). But I still felt like I was missing something major. YES! This program solidified everything for me…all my philosophies on the subject of singing and reinforced all the “alternative” methods I had come up with. It also provided the missing piece to my teaching–the focus on isolating the vocal folds (muscularly) so they could work alone as they were designed. I have had 100% success teaching people to sing beautifully since my mind was opened to this.

Annie Arrington
New Hampshire

"I Had Starting Thinking About Giving Up..."

I am a choir director and I was having concerns that my voice was starting to fail me. I had already starting thinking about giving up singing specials at my church. Now my confidence level has been restored ever since I discovered how much easier is has become to sing just by utilizing your techniques. How refreshing it was to discover that I could sing high notes without out creating internal pressure and tension. I am light years ahead now compared to where I was just 4 months ago, and I have allowed my progress to help my choir.

Larry Grimes
Mt Sterling, KY

"The Lessons Are Fun And Inspiring"

Carolyn Morrow
Senior Citizen, Active Singer

"Amazing Experience To Sing With Freedom"

I sing in choir – mostly classical music – and I am just so grateful to you for teaching us so much. It's been an amazing experience to sing with freedom. The program has been incredibly helpful and I've improved leaps and bounds. Thank you immensely.

Wilhelmina Cooper
Auckland, NZ

"My Experience Has Been Excellent"

I currently sing barbershop in both a quartet and chorus and in addition sing regularly in our church choir. With your program I have learned a number of new vocal techniques that have been helpful in relaxing the tongue and other surrounding muscles. So far my experience has been excellent.

Bruce Foreman
Barbershop/Choir Singer
Washington State

"It Sounds Amazing And I Wonder If It's Really My Voice"

I lead the worship regularly at my church and am enjoying your lessons. I remember having to work on scales and having to reach for the higher notes. Instead of relaxing, my throat would tighten as I got ready to hit that note. This method is much more sensible My lower range has improved. It's easier to sing the higher notes without flipping. My throat is more relaxed where I had a huge amount of tension. And my voice is sounding richer. Sometimes it sounds amazing and I wonder if it's really my voice.

Sylvia Barrand

"I've Been Able To Sing Music That A Year Ago I Could Never Have Done"

Armand Gaudette
Choir Singer, Hobby Singer

"I've Been Using Your Concepts With My Barbershop Chorus"

I sing a lot of contemporary rock music and barbershop, and I am the director of a barbershop chorus named the New Mexichords. I love these classes! They are so helpful! I am able to learn so much more watching this in real time. I really love your voice method, and I've been using some of the concepts with my barbershop chorus.

Jamie Arington
Director of Barbershop Chorus
New Mexico

"My Voice Is Clearer, Sweeter"

Eight years ago, I joined and am active in a local choir. Doing your course has been a real pleasure… 3 months and I am six inches taller… Quite an exotic experience. I have a good time, I have lightened up and I believe my voice is clearer, sweeter – I sing more enthusiastically and I have more heart in it.

Joan Page

"It Is Such A New Thrill For Me"

We live in a world where all too often, especially with offers on the internet, we get much less than we had hoped for, but your program is truly an exception. Within the first 2 or 3 weeks, my husband could hear a big difference in my voice. And I could feel the difference: A true feeling of freedom. I always loved to sing. I never thought I could love it more than that, but I do, and then some! My voice is fuller, richer, and mostly, it feels like it comes so easily. my use of singing is limited to my own enjoyment, church choirs, and occasional quartets or small groups. But that's ok for now, because it is such a new thrill for me to sing “with freedom” as I do laundry or whatever.

Donita O'Donnell

"The Muscle Release Has Been Fantastic"

My expectations have been far exceeded the muscle release has been fantastic and the awareness unbelievable. When I first started my range was about one octave now it's a good three.

Joseph Williamson
United Kingdom

"Have Never Felt Learning To Sing Can Be So Effortless And Simple"

I have been singing for the past 9 years and took voice lessons from 3 different teachers before. But nothing can compare to what Per's online lessons have taught me. I always felt learning to sing is far to hard and complicated. But then, the truth now becomes that I have never felt learning to sing can be so effortless and simple. It's truly God's blessing to have Per. Awesome!!!

Mike Lee
Worship Leader

"Found Out How To Breathe Effectively"

I have stretched my range and found out how to breathe effectively for the first time. At age 75 improved freedom and resonance has been noted by other members of my choir. This is all down to the exercises in Sing With Freedom program.

Richard Stevens

"A More Relaxed State"

I have stretched my range and found out how to breathe effectively for the first time. At age 75 improved freedom and resonance has been noted by other members of my choir. This is all down to the exercises in Sing With Freedom program.

Michael Marsden

"I Am A 75 Years Old Getting Puzzled Looks"

I am 75 years old and have just joined an over 70s choir, hence my purchase of the DVD set. This is the first time I have ever sung in public and the first two DVDs have really changed the voice for the better. I am getting a few puzzled looks at practice both from those singing beside me and the musical director. So far I have not disclosed the secret of my improvement, although I might do so to one or two of my buddies. Since getting the DVDs I have been promoted to singing the opening verse of Gilbert and Sullivan's “Drunken Sailor” and second verse of “Swing low sweet chariot”. Who knows maybe when I finish all the DVDs I might get to sing a solo! Thank you for the help and pleasure the DVDs have given me.

Bernard McMahon

"The Sacagawea Of Voice Training"

I consider Per Bristow the Sacagawea of voice training. My range, pitch and endurance were all very limited. To be completely honest after the very first lesson I noticed a drastic difference in my vocal freedom, I believe the first change was a greater sense of resonance that came simply because my vocal cords were, for the first time, more able to vibrate freely. I spent 3 years singing for a chorus back in school, and none of those exercises or routines led to anything like this.

Ron Gillison