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Beginner Singing Lessons

Beginner singing lessons, through the Sing With Freedom Program and The Singing Zone, is effective and fun. No prior training needed. The fluid design of the program lets you take as many lessons as you want to achieve your goals. Here are some of the many responses received from beginners.

"Lesson One Allayed My Fears"

I wanted a complete singing solution program for an absolute beginner. My expectations were exceeded because it provided everything I need to know and learn about not only singing but music in general. Lesson 1 allayed my fears about my perceived inability to sing. Per Bristow made it seem so simple – I loved it!

Foluke Ogunbekun

"A New Instrument Of Music That I Can Play"

After 1st lesson: “Wow … I gotta comment .. This is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME !!! Oh yes – so much more than just singing … Thank you !!!” After completing course: “What an experience this has been… I sang Silent Night at the family Christmas gathering and my son (20) says to me: “Ya know dad – you can sing – and you should expand your venues to other styles of music”. What a difference from years before when folks said – “just play the piano – don't sing”. I really want to thank you for helping me see something within me, the singing voice, that was always there … A new instrument of music that I can play … And it is such a fascinating instrument, the singing voice … So much more than the piano, or guitar. I have spent most of my life expressing my emotions through the piano and guitar. And now, to be able to express my emotions with my voice … Wow !!! Thank you … Even at 51, I realize now that ya can teach an old dog new tricks !!!

Danny Sternadel

"The Dream I Have Wanted My Whole Life"

I have wanted to sing my whole life, and took years of lessons in my 20s and 30s. In spite of the fact that I have been able to learn many things quickly and easily, I could never, ever get how to sing freely. I still kept singing at home a lot. Then, a few weeks ago, I noticed how I always started to get hoarse after singing for only 15 or 20 minutes. I thought, obviously I'm doing something wrong, and I decided to look it up on the internet. That is how I found your site. The very first lesson changed my life. A few days after I did it, I went to a karaoke party. I just relaxed and did my best. My husband told me I was fabulous. I thought, “He just wants to make me feel good. He'll tell me the truth when we get home.” But then someone I barely knew told me I had been the best singer there, and I had to believe it. It has now been a little more than a month and the change is miraculous. I am singing freely, the dream I have wanted my whole life. Even though I am still wobbly with my new skill, I am having so much fun with it and getting better every day. You continue to open up new worlds for me in terms of expression and fun and vocal improvement. You have so brilliantly figured out exactly what it takes to sing — no more, no less — and you explain it so clearly and simply in the lessons. So simply, in fact, that when I first do a lesson, I have no idea how this is going to apply or have any major significance in what I am doing. And then when I practice, WOW! I discover that it affects so much, I could never have believed it. The other day I sang for my husband. The song just came flying out of my mouth, with no worrying over pitch or tone. I had the same confidence as if I'd been talking. For me, this was truly a priceless gift you have given me. I cannot wait to sing every day. And oh yes — the hoarseness went away the first week and has not been back. Thank you a million times.

Lynne Goodman
Oakland, CA

"Before, I Would Screech It Out"

Michael Hayes

"I Used To Scare The Dogs Away"


"Makes Me Feel Free And Good About Myself"

I found your lessons during a Google search for I don't even remember what. I'm not a singer. As a matter of fact, I've never sang before more than to my daughter (she's 9) and my girlfriend. To be honest I never really plan on singing for a band or professionally in any way. I do however love to sing. It really, when everything is clicking, makes me feel incredible and in a weird way free. Through your lessons I have learned a lot about the vocal cords. How they work and how to make them work. I have become more comfortable with my voice. I have also learned a few things about myself and taking life with a little less seriousness. The tension speech about the vocal chords really hit home in other places as well. Thank you for that! You do a wonderful job making me feel like it is a one on one lesson. Again you won't see me on American Idol at any time but there is a 42 year old, wholly crap I'm old, that can carry a tune now albeit just for my daughter. It still makes me feel free and good about myself. In the end that is all that really matters.

Ryan Cornish

"The Most Incredible Thing I Have Come Across!"

Per, I just did the first lesson, and it was mind blowing!!! I can't friggin' believe it 🙂 It is the most incredible thing I have come across. I can't wait to explore and move to the next. I can't believe my voice, it sounds so loud it's deafening!!!

Greg Bridges

"As Having A Personal Trainer In The Room"

I'm not a singer or involved in the performing arts. I just want to learn to sing my favorite songs better just for the fun of it. The program is great! Seeing Per on my computer screen is just as motivating as having a personal trainer in the room.

Alex Baglione

"I've Improved So Much It's Incredible"

Sharon Francis

"Just Did My First Lesson And I Cannot Believe It"

Hi Per, I just did my first lesson and I cannot believe it. Wonderful! What a teacher you are, and it was fun. The ultimate moment for me was when my wife came across from the main house and said that was wonderful and beautiful! Thank you Per, that was a stimulating experience. With grateful thanks, I am walking on air.

Michael Meechan

"It's Just Magic"

David Jessop
United Kingdom

"I've Gotten More Out Of This Course Than Any Other Lessons"

I'm 22 (from Sydney, Australia) and have been singing for about 1.5 years, before which I had never any intention of being a singer because I really couldn't/didn't know how to sing. I've gotten more out of this course so far than any other lessons or videos I've watched. It's really awesome being able to take singing from the absolute basics: working on how to correctly produce sound. In the past it's always been about hitting a note, no matter what you'd have to do to your voice/body to get to it. And once you got it, it was like, ok, great, onto the next note. I'd be left with no added confidence in my voice. I am looking forward to continuing with your program.

Olice Badman

"Physical And Spiritual Development"

I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the impact that your program has had on me in the past 8 months. The physical change in my voice pales in comparison to the psychological and spiritual development that I have experienced as a result of your inspirational words about facing fears and living free of judgment. I am so grateful to you for sharing your gift with the world in such a great and powerful way.

Krystal Bradley

"I Am Getting More Confident"

I just want to drop a line and say how much I enjoy your course even though I am only a few days into it. I am 63 years old and am doing something I have wanted to do for an absolute eternity. I have been recently widowed, (7 months in 4 days) and I'll be having a memorial golf day for my wonderful husband and I want to sing on this special day with my granddaughters. I do not profess to be a singer of any level. I just want to sound good enough on the day, as there will be around 100-120 invited people playing golf and then lunch, drinks, presentations and a show from me and my granddaughters, ( a surprise for all). I am very nervous and hope I don't chicken out on the day, but I am getting more confident as I go along, and now more so with your course. Thank you again Per.

Sharyn Campbell

"Amazed At The Depth Of Understanding I've Gained Already"

Thank you for your excellent singing instructional DVDs. Just finished two of them and I am amazed at the depth of understanding I've gained already. With your unique approach of pairing explanation with well thought out exercises, you have succeeded in pinpointing many aspects of singing that I would have expected to be simply impossible to explain. I'm quite amazed at the way I feel after each exercise.

William Flint

"Already Experiencing Freedom And A Feeling Of Confidence Arising Within Me"

I have just gotten started and I am already enjoying your course. It is more than what I had expected. I sat on it for quite awhile but after reading some of the testimonies, I felt like I needed to take the plunge. I have always loved to sing but it definitely was not with freedom, it was the complete opposite. I am already experiencing freedom and a feeling of confidence arising within me. It feels so good! I really love your articles that confirm that “singing” involves spirit, soul & body. “The Power of Momentum” is excellent. You put a lot of work into those articles and they are awesome. Also, I did not realize it was going to be so personal. The videos bring you right into my living room and it really is like you are my personal coach. Thanks again.

Doreen Paul

"At First I Was Skeptical"

I'm 36 yrs old and at first I was skeptical that a singing/voice course could be done without the instructor hearing what I'm singing. I did not intend to become a professional singer, only to improve the dynamics of my speaking voice during presentations and build the confidence to sing some karaoke with customers in Japan without sounding awful! After the first three lessons and regular practice I started to notice a difference… speaking and singing with less effort and more range. While I was singing along to a song at a bar, a friend commented, “I didn't know you could sing.” Honestly, I didn't know either. I am still working through the rest of the course and I'll let you know how the karaoke goes. The strange part is that your ears are probably better than you think so not having someone listening early on doesn't seem to be an issue. This course gives you exercises to be able to sing better regardless of experience. It's like someone showing you how to hold a pick and hit clean notes on a guitar. Even if you already play guitar, the exercises will only make you better.

Jim Darnell

"Like Being In The Same Room With You"

Hello Per, Firstly let me tell you how much I've enjoyed and benefited from your course. I have found the video's to be most beneficial to me. Watching you on my computer is like really being in the same room with you. I love the way you wait while allowing us to try various techniques. I feel like I could almost ask you a question right there and then! You are inspiring and thank you so much for your help.

Marco Moretti

"I Love The Bristow Voice Method!"

I love the Bristow Voice Method! I play guitar and I found that it's not that great to just play guitar, you need to be able to sing too to get the full appreciation. I was very embarrassed of my voice and I tried some other voice lessons, but they were all female, which didn't fit my range and made them feel worthless. I searched high and low to find a male giving singing lessons, and I found the perfect fit with Per Bristow's Voice Method. He used easy techniques as well as teaches how things work tapping into my intrinsic learning, making learning to sing educational and fast. The Voice Method increased my range, enriched my tone and made me more confident. Thank you Per.

Ryan DeNoble

"I Can Sing With A Wider Range Now"

I love the Bristow Voice Method! I play guitar and I found that it's not that great to just play guitar, you need to be able to sing too to get the full appreciation. I was very embarrassed of my voice and I tried some other voice lessons, but they were all female, which didn't fit my range and made them feel worthless. I searched high and low to find a male giving singing lessons, and I found the perfect fit with Per Bristow's Voice Method. He used easy techniques as well as teaches how things work tapping into my intrinsic learning, making learning to sing educational and fast. The Voice Method increased my range, enriched my tone and made me more confident. Thank you Per.

Frank Au
Seattle, Washington

"I Feel Like I've Been Liberated"

The biggest change that I got from this course was not just in my singing but mostly my attitude. I was very self-conscience about singing in front of people, and I used to shake my head when I heard other people singing along with the music at the supermarket. Now I've relaxed (which instantly improved my singing). I sing all the time to exercise my vocal cords, even in the supermarket. I feel like I've been liberated to explore my own abilities. I've found that singing is very therapeutic. It releases stress and calms me down. This course was definitely a life enhancer for me. Thanks for everything, Per.

Albert Huerta

"A 75 Year Old, Getting Puzzled Looks"

I am 75 years old and have just joined an over 70s choir, hence my purchase of the DVD set. This is the first time I have ever sung in public and the first two DVDs have really changed the voice for the better. I am getting a few puzzled looks at practice both from those singing beside me and the musical director. So far I have not disclosed the secret of my improvement, although I might do so to one or two of my buddies. Since getting the DVDs I have been promoted to singing the opening verse of Gilbert and Sullivan's “Drunken Sailor” and second verse of “Swing low sweet chariot”. Who knows maybe when I finish all the DVDs I might get to sing a solo! Thank you for the help and pleasure the DVDs have given me.

Bernard McMahon

"I Could Feel The Difference: A True Feeling Of Freedom"

We live in a world where all too often, especially with offers on the internet, we get much less than we had hoped for, but your program is truly an exception. Within the first 2 or 3 weeks, my husband could hear a big difference in my voice. And I could feel the difference: A true feeling of freedom. I always loved to sing. I never thought I could love it more than that, but I do, and then some! My voice is fuller, richer, and mostly, it feels like it comes so easily. I have never been able to sing a cappella, off-the-cuff, like others do. I couldn't find the right note, get into the right key, or rhythm – – – forget about rhythm. Now I just open up and sing any time, and never worry about my voice cracking.

Donita O'Donnell

"Given Me Both The Confidence And Ability To Perform For Anyone!"

Per's Online Course has given me both the confidence and ability to perform for anyone! In the past 6 weeks, I've gained a sense of awareness of my voice that I never thought possible! Every day is now new and exciting! I look forward to the possibilities that are ahead of me! Thanks Per!!

"I Love Your Approach To The Voice: Freedom!"

I am from South Africa, and as a child I used to stutter every time I talked. Somehow I got over that but I think a lot of stress and strain developed in my vocal chords during that disturbing time of my childhood which I have not been able to get total freedom from until I took this course. Also I used to get hiccups constantly and now I know how to get rid of them, as it is surprisingly mentioned in this course as well. So I want to say thank you Coach for allowing me to learn so much from you and your experience. I appreciate the fact that you are ‘REAL' with people and that you are making the student feel save and free to make mistakes. I love your approach to the voice: Freedom! Allow your voice (and your life) to be all it can be by giving it the space it needs to be free!


"I Have Made The Discovery Of My True Authentic Voice"

Thank you so much for the great lessons. I am enjoying my DVD #1 tremendously. Right off the bat I am getting an easy tool and muscle awareness that has changed my consciousness also about speaking. The voice comes “all of a sudden” from a very different place, a different source. It has some gentle power to it. I feel like for the first time in my life (49) I have made the discovery of my true authentic voice. Thank you for your genuine passion as a teacher.

Jasna Pecaric

"After Only 5 Minutes Of Your First Lesson"

Thanks for sharing your principles about singing. I have taken voice lessons for a year now, and after only 5 minutes of your first lesson a lot of things fell into place. After finishing the first lesson I had so much fun that I had to write to you. I know that a lot of my surroundings will smile and think that I am crazy, going around tilting my head back and forth (I will probably also smile at it), but I know that I one day will smile back at them, after a great performance. I will always appreciate what you have done.

Jan Nielsen