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8 powerful 30-40min sessions to be done over a period 4 weeks for best results.

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"In 20 Years I've Never Had A Teacher Approach Singing Like Per Does"

Oh my goodness, I am so beyond grateful for this program. I literally only started yesterday and it's already rocked my world. I had a 4 hour jazz gig last night and had more freedom in my scatting and endurance through the gig. I've studied voice for almost 20 years but have never had a teacher approach singing like Per does. THANK YOU!

Lola Kristine Hennike

"Per Is Like The BRUCE LEE Of The VOICE!"

I have been singing songwriting for 17 years and have been doing the course for 8 Months now. What a miracle!!!!!!!!!! It has helped my instrument be what it's supposed to be. Per is like the BRUCE LEE of the VOICE!

Sean Van Blerk