Let's Make Your Voice SOAR Like Never Before!

An Exclusive Experience For Members Of The Singing Zone Starting January 30!

Maybe you’d like to perform or record with greater success and impact in 2021? 

Maybe you love to sing for your own pleasure and would like to experience greater strength, range, freedom and joy what

Maybe you want to explore what's truly possible with your voice and have fun together with other singers from around the world?

Whatever level you're at as a singer, whatever style you like to sing, this is going to super fun and super valuable.

What Can You Expect? A Lot!

Yes, when you engage in an activity with purpose and guidance for 6 weeks, massive improvements are very likely.

I will bring people on camera. I'll work with them (maybe you), and possibly create transformations on the spot. 

And yes, we will sing together. 

I will give you exercises and assignments. And you'll discover how to make the concepts and exercises of the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone program even more effective.

I will be powerful. It will be enlightening. And it will be crazy fun!

Yes, Get Ready For Some Craaazy Fun! 🙂

We will be using Zoom as our platform, and I will send out a questionnaire beforehand where you can introduce yourself, submit a song, express what your desires and goals are with your singing, and let me know whether or not you want to be brought on camera for personal coaching.

Naturally, I won't be able to coach everybody personally, but each person I select will be selected for the reason that it helps the group.

Yes, many times we get just as great of an aha experience by watching someone else.

And yes, we will be doing exercises together. So if you can be in place where it's okay to make some sound, then great. 

If you can't sing our or if you miss a session, no worries. The replay of each session will be available for 14 days after.

Here Are The Dates And Times!

I'm alternating between evening and morning my time (Los Angeles time), so people in different time zones can benefit from this.

Don't worry if you miss a session, the replay of each session will be available for 14 days after so you can. But it will of course be more fun and valuable if you can be on live.

January 30 – 10 am 

February 5 – 5 pm

February 13 - 10 am

February 19 - 5 pm

February 27 - 10 am

March 5 - 5pm

All times are US Pacific Time (Los Angeles time). Each session will be about 2 hours.

So as you see, I'm alternating between evening and morning my time (Los Angeles time), so people in different time zones can join.

Plan ahead so that you'll go through the replay of the session that you can't join. Therefore, you'll be up to speed before the next session.

Are Your Ready To Experience Dramatic Improvements In 6 Weeks??

Yes, if you are planning to perform and/or record, then this is how you get in top shape. If you want to experience breakthroughs in range and power, this is how we'll do it. If you want experience a new feeling of freedom, this is how we do it.

I will provide things to work on in between the sessions, so depending on your ambition level, we can create enormous progress. And if you want to take it easy then that's okay to. Singing is for everyone.

So How Much Is It?

Good question. Well, you know that a 6-week intensive like this would normally probably be $500+

But you are already a customer, and I want to do this to bring joy and success into your life in 2021.

So, therefore, I will only ask for $197, just so that there is some kind of investment in it for you. (Otherwise many would register and not show up at all.) 

So that's it. 

Register today and it's only $197. 

Refunds accepted until January 25. No refunds after that.

Remember that each sessions will be available as a replay for 14 days.

Email if you need assistance