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Here's How YOU TOO Can Try The Training Used By Singers In 146 countries...

Experience When Tension Is Released, Your Voice Becomes Stronger, More Flexible And More Dynamic, And You Sing – REALLY SING With Far Greater FREEDOM!

This Is For You Whether You're A Seasoned Professional, Up-And-Coming Artist, A Hobby Singer, Or Have Never Sung Much Before.

"In 20 Years I've Never Had A Teacher Approach Singing Like Per Does"

Oh my goodness, I am so beyond grateful for this program. I literally only started yesterday and it's already rocked my world. I had a 4 hour jazz gig last night and had more freedom in my scatting and endurance through the gig. I've studied voice for almost 20 years but have never had a teacher approach singing like Per does. THANK YOU!

Lola Kristine Hennike

Hello, I’m Per Bristow, and in a few moments, with your permission, I am going to lead you through the same unique process that has provided remarkable improvements for singers all over the world.

Professional singers use this training to overcome voice problems, to get in top shape for their tours and recordings, and take their careers to the new levels. 

Hobby singers use it to be able to express with even greater joy and freedom, and to become more captivating and successful on stage.

Beginners, even those who had come to believe they couldn’t sing, discover this remarkable instrument that they indeed have within and can now experience the joy of singing like never before.

Heal A Voice Problem. Gain A Healthy And Functional Voice

Maybe you experience som kind of problem with your voice, such a strain, fatigue, or hoarseness.

Maybe you’d love to have a stronger, richer, more resonant and more attractive voice?

How about having a much more flexible range and be able to sing higher notes with far less effort?

Effectively Develop Strength, Greater Dynamics And An Expanded Range!

As you go through this process, you’ll develop a profound new awareness of your voice. (Yes, even if you’ve trained for decades.)

You will discover tension and restrictions that you likely haven’t even been aware of before.

You’ll be able to feel, access and isolate muscles in new ways for rapid improvements.

Therefore, you’ll be able to effectively release tension, overcome a voice problem, develop strength, resonance, range, and so much more.

"Per Is Like The BRUCE LEE Of The VOICE!"

I have been singing songwriting for 17 years and have been doing the course for 8 Months now. What a miracle!!!!!!!!!! It has helped my instrument be what it's supposed to be. Per is like the BRUCE LEE of the VOICE!

Sean Van Blerk

But It's Not Just About Improving And Freeing Your Physical Voice. It's About Freeing YOU!

Yes, we are indeed going to improve all physical aspects of your voice so it becomes healthy and functional, strong and flexible, resonant and dynamic, and so you can do so much more with it.

And yet, we could argue that the real power of this training is when you experience a newfound sense of INNER POWER and FREEDOM.


You can express with greater PASSION and JOY.

And as a result, you become a far more CAPTIVATING performer (If you want to perform).


Less Physical Effort - Greater Joy And Passion - Freer Expression!

And guess what less physical effort leads to?

That’s right, you’ll become freer to express the way you want to express in the style you want to express with greater joy, passion and freedom.

And here’s the kicker…

You’ll Also Sing Much Better On Pitch (On Key)

While there are some out there who still think that your ability to sing is determined by “natural talent”, those who know better understand that singing, just like any activity, is massively improved by training.

Singing is for everybody. We can enjoy singing on so many levels. But singing becomes endlessly more fulfilling when you can release your voice with greater freedom.

However, in order to get to this kind of freedom, it requires that we do things a little bit differently to what most singers have become accustomed to…

Many Are Shocked (In A Good Way) To Realize That You Improve Far Quicker When You Don’t Sing Scales!

Yes, part of why this method has created such breakthroughs for so many is because it taps into a deeper awareness that is frankly not possible as long as you sing scales.

You see, you’re about to experience the kinesthetic awareness and muscle isolation process (Bristow Voice Method Kinesthetic Awareness Process) that is guaranteed to provide a remarkable new sense of freedom in the very first 40 minutes!

And that applies to you whether you have never sung before, or if you have sung or trained for decades.

"I've Been Crying Like A Baby"

"Ok, I've been crying like a baby for the last 15 minutes. Not because I'm sad, but because of the joy that's in my heart. In the past, I was unable to even reach high C. Today, I not only hit high C, but made it to E without strain or pain in my throat. Yes, I'm still crying as I'm typing this. Thank you Per Bristow. You are truly a miracle worker.""

Maria Sanchez

The Magic Of Advanced Muscle Isolation Training

Any time there is weakness or imbalance somewhere, the body will compensate to try and get the job done.

The elite athlete knows that an injury needs to be addressed fast. Otherwise the compensatory tension can very well become a bigger problem than the original injury.

Same thing with the voice. Many walk around with voice problems or restricted voices for years and then think it’s their “natural” voice, when it is, in fact, their habitual voice.

In fact, you will experience a new sense of freedom even after the very first 40 min session!

"Everything I've Done Since I Started Has Been So Much Better"

"I started doing your program a couple of months ago, and everything I've done since then, I think has just been so much better"

Mike Masse - (100 Million YouTube Views)

Yes, how about we do this…

Go through the entire 30-day Sing With Freedom training. Be in a room by yourself. Follow along with the first video session on your laptop, desktop or big screen TV and experience how it feels.

Likely, it will feel absolutely wonderful.

Experience The Training For Yourself Absolutely Risk-Free!

30-Day Training Program

8 powerful 30-40min sessions to be done over a period 4 weeks for best results. However, the training is self-paced so you can do it on your own time. 

You'll only need to watch each session once! (You'll know what to do in between sessions.)

It's easy. It's fun. And it's mighty powerful.

But How Can You Learn Without Someone Telling You If You’re Doing It “Right” Or “Wrong”?

Many think that the way to learn effectively is to have someone tell you if you’re doing something “right” or “wrong”. This is a actually huge trap.
My mission when I created this home study training was: “How can I ensure that someone gets similar result from doing the home study training versus seeing me in person?”
(I dare say that the results from thousands upon thousands of singers speak for themselves.)
The truth is that the way we do it here, it actually makes learning exceptionally effective. Here's why:

The Art Of Learning And Improving Effectively

Instead of focusing on  “right” vs “wrong”, “good” vs “bad”, "correct" vs "incorrect", we engage in a powerful discovery process. Because you become fully focused on the experience of how it feels, rather than judging the result, you can effectively adjust based on your discoveries.
And this is how you in essence become your own coach. You'll know what to do on a bad day. You'll know what to do depending on what you're preparing for.
 It becomes an exceptionally empowering process and many call it life-transforming, because we are simultaneously...

Releasing Fears, Judgement, And That Nagging Feeling Of Not Being Good Enough

In my youth I was considered a child prodigy violin player, as well as an elite athlete, before I took on singing and landed one of the lead roles in the two biggest box office success in Swedish Theatre history.

But before my performance career took off, I was hired as a music teacher right after high school.

I’ve always loved coaching. So when I came to Los Angeles I set out to take my love for coaching to new levels

And although I'm grateful for every teacher that has crossed my path, the reason I excelled, and the reason anyone excels, is the work we do by ourselves.

Yes, it is the physical, psychological and mental awareness that we develop that is the key to learning and improving fast and excelling in any activity. And you are about to experience this right now.

Today, as you know, my trainings have helped people in 146 countries. I've done events in 9 countries on 4 continents and had the privilege to coach and meet amazing people around the world who love to sing, express and develop themselves. I'm excited to help you too.



30-Day Training Program

8 powerful video session. For best results do them over a period of 4 weeks. But the training is self-paced, so you do it on your own time.

You will learn what to do in between sessions without needing to watch the videos again, which makes it easy, fun and exceptionally effective.

30 Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee!

Yes, you can go through the entire training absolutely risk-free. Experience what happens. Then for whatever reason or no reason whatsoever, just ask for your money back and so be it.



The Singing Zone is the coveted membership that singers from 146 counties have been part of.  As a member, you get continuing training for as long as you wish, just as if you were to take private lessons. 

Today you get access one month for FREE to see what it's all about.

The Singing Zone includes:

The Exclusive Facebook Group For Members

Get personal feedback from Per and get any question answered. Participate in Per's live Q&A sessions. Watch recordings of past sessions. Get feedback from, and connect with, other members from around the world.


The Sing With Freedom Workbooks

Get a deeper understanding of how to implement each exercise in the most effective way.

Value: $47

Ear Training Course

Learn to recognize frequencies, intervals, chords, and harmonies – a must to be a good singer.

Value: $97

Rhythm Training Course

Develop rhythm and timing and the art of syncopations – a crucial skill for singers.

Value: $97

Sight Reading and Music Theory Course

Sing melodies from just reading the notes. Play chords on the piano even if you’ve never played before.

Value: $97

Q&A Video Vault

5.5 hours of videos where Per demonstrates the solutions to your questions.

Value: $97

Article Library

"How To Develop Charisma", "From Stage Fright To Peak Performance", "Maximize Your Practice", and more.

Value: $47

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