Let's Make Your Voice SOAR Like Never Before!

An Exclusive Experience For Members Of The Singing Zone Starting January 2023

Maybe you’d like to perform or record with greater success and impact in 2023? 

Maybe you love to sing for your own pleasure and would like to experience greater strength, range, freedom and joy?

Maybe you want to explore what's truly possible with your voice and get to know other singers from around the world?

What Can You Expect? A Lot!
Here's How It Works:

You will submit a video of you singing. It can be from your home but it can also be a video of a recent performance of yours.

We will play the video during the session, and I will make suggestions what to do to take your voice and performance to the next level. You'll get personal homework.You'll also learn a tremendous amount from watching everyone else's submissions and from hearing the advice they get and why.

Register before December 28 and you will be guaranteed personal feedback!

We will have a least 3 sessions, but it could be more and in different time zones depending on how many submit videos.

Then you practice like crazy and send another video. I will then select the ones who have worked the hardest and implemented the suggestions and feature them in a fun follow-up session in March.

Yes, Get Ready For Some Craaazy Fun! 🙂

And WIN PRIZE for being the top implementor!

Yes, in the follow-up session in March, I will play the chosen follow-up submissions. We will then vote on who wins the top implementor prize! It will be fun and encourage us all to practice and make things happen. Few things are more fun than feeling that you're improving.

And as an extra fun bonus, the winner gets one of my products or a private session with me.

So let's do this. Let's have some fun. Let's be inspired to proactive and make things happen. Let's connect with singers from all over the world.

We will be using Zoom as our platform, and I will send out a questionnaire beforehand where you can introduce yourself, submit your song, and express what your desires and goals are with your singing.

Select Below If You Want To Pay $297 Or Participate For FREE!

Register before December 28 to be guaranteed personal feedback!

All sessions will be recorded so you can view again later.

Email if you need assistance

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