He was told to give up singing…

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He was told to give up singing…

Have you ever been told to give up on your dreams? Have you been told to stop what you love to do... to give up singing? Have you come to believe that what you love to do is not worth doing?

Michael Stosic was told by his own singing teacher in College to give up on his singing dreams. Michael’s story in the video below hopefully serves as great inspiration to the many who have been told by people in authoritative positions to give up on their dreams.

For Michael, it happened in College. At that age we are sometimes more resilient – even rebellious (for a good reason) – to people in authoritative positions. When we are younger, being exposed to ridicule is far more difficult.

Update: Michael’s song “Easy Come Easy Go” hit #1 on The Globe Radio Top 30 Chart out of Hollywood on Oct 26. (Adele #9, John Mayer #15, Bruno Mars #25)

So don't stop singing until you've watched this video...

Listen to Michael's music:

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