You Are Hereby Invited To The Most Valuable And Most Exclusive Training I Have Ever Offered! 


Yes, Now You Get To "Look Over My Shoulder" And See How I Coach An Individual To Draw Out Unknown Capacity


"Wow! I've watched the Master Class lessons with Richard & Steve. I feel like I'm coming from a similar place - such a strong story of "I can't sing this song/hit the high notes". It really is amazing to see you, Per, lead them both, unwittingly, into the 'impossible' areas of their range. I feel really empowered after watching these lessons - thank you."

Tony Lee


Watch Real Life Applications Of How To Use The Strategies Of The Bristow Voice Method And The Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone Program In The Most Effective Way!

You will witness how a person who can’t sing the high notes suddenly can at the end of the session. More importantly, you’ll witness the process that made it happen and understand how it applies to YOU.

You will see how a person’s long-time hoarseness is solved.

You will witness a student cry out of gratitude from the newfound freedom she experiences. You will see how we deal with performance issues, nervousness, how to improve the delivery of a song, and a whole lot more!

You’ll watch as I work individually over a web camera with 23 participants from various parts of the world (Australia, England, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Norway and all over the USA) who have been part of the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone training.

"These Master Class videos are just fantastic."

"It helps so much to see and hear you singing, demonstrating, encouraging, and explaining why and how the student has difficulties and what to do to improve. I was a bit stuck in my belief that I could not improve further, but seeing those videos I have now got some tips on what I can do further and how to relax etc. I will work on my voice, and watch and work with all those wonderful lessons, it feels like lifting the mystery of singing... Thank you, thank you with all my heart, that is all I can say,"

Helena Griggs


"Per, thanks so much for the Master Class videos!"

"And a big thank you to the participants. It can't be easy to make oneself so vulnerable before such a wide viewing audience - but Per, you make it seem as if each one is the most important person in the world at that moment. You are a wonderful teacher and coach!!! I have learned much from listening to and watching the videos (still have a few yet to watch) and am very grateful to you all for making it happen. It's encouraging to see the changes take place within each session as "freedom" is experienced through the exercises and the voice is improved."

Gloria Gates


"I love these classes! They are so helpful!"

"Watching you on video and doing it myself only goes so far. However, watching you coach someone, we all get immediate feedback to know what is the correct way so we know what that feels like and remember that. I think this excels the learning process even faster!! I would love to get coached by you. I would also love for you to coach my chorus!"

Jamie Arington

Director of Barbershop Chorus "Mexichords"

"Thank you!"

"Not only am I receiving very helpful information from the sessions, Per, but my wife Sarah is now inspired by your gentle teaching methods to learn to sing better. She now wants to sing with me in my concerts! Sarah keeps commenting on your wisdom because of the way we see people in the videos transformed right before our eyes. You are probably not aware of your special "people" talent, but you have it Per and we appreciate and honor your using it to better our human experience. Thank you!"

Marvin Glenn

In the quote above, Marvin writes: “You are probably not aware of your special “people” talent, but you have it Per and we appreciate and honor your using it to better our human experience.”

The truth is that, although I prefer to try and be somewhat humble, I am very well aware of my strengths. (And of my weaknesses too for that matter:))

I prefer not to try and persuade you of the immense value of what you are being offered today. I just hope you understand and appreciate that you would normally NEVER be able to observe me and a student in action, lesson after lesson, like this.

Being able to do that would be an even more exclusive arrangement than having private lessons. The only way you could possibly get such access would be as part of teacher training, which, as you can understand, would be more expensive than having private sessions on your own.

I’m mentioning this in the hopes that you appreciate what you are getting today.

Remember that in these sessions you are not just being a passive observer. I am instructing YOU – the observer!

Here Are A Few Voices From My Event In Singapore 

II am showing you this just so that you can be  confident that I am pretty good at drawing out greater capacity within a person in the moment 🙂 (You'll want to learn how that is done.) 


The Master Class Video Series

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