An Inside Look Into The World’s Most Popular Training For Singers!

See why singers around the world turn to this method to overcome voice problems, release tension and strain, develop strength and range, and how YOU TOO can SING with greater FREEDOM!

"When I Decided To Do X-Factor, I Needed A Vocal Coach"

Peyton – From UK X Factor, World Touring Artist & Recording Artist

"I Perform With Greater Freedom Than Ever Before"

My range has already improved in both the higher and lower registers with much better quality, and I perform with greater freedom than ever before. I'm sure The Bristow Voice Method will help you too.

Bobby Pulido

Grammy Nominee and Platinum Selling Artist

"Per Is Like The BRUCE LEE Of The VOICE!"

I have been singing songwriting for 17 years. I am from South Africa and I just moved to LA. Been doing the course for 8 Months now, what a miracle!!!!!!!!!! And it has helped to let my instrument be what it is supposed to be. [Per is] like the BRUCE LEE of the VOICE!….

Sean Van Blerk

South Africa/California​

"In 20 Years I've Never Had A Teacher Approach Singing Like Per Does"

Oh my goodness, I am so beyond grateful for this program. I literally only started yesterday and it's already rocker my world. I had a 4 hour jazz gig last night and had more freedom in my scatting and endurance through the gig. I've studied voice for almost 20 years but have never had a teacher approach singing like Per does. THANK YOU!

Lola Kristine Hennike

"They Said I Might Never Sing Again... Then I Found You"

Jason Gardiner - UK Singer, Dancer And TV Personality

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"Before, I'd Do One Gig And The Next Day I Couldn't Sing. Now I Do 9 Gigs In A Week."

David Shanhun 

Professional Singer / Songwriter
New Zealand

"Not Just For Vocals But To Be A Better Human Being"


Renowned Singaporean Rock Singer

"I was Astounded At How Quickly I Got Results"

Evelyn Duprai

Professional Jazz and R & B singer
Sydney, Australia

"The Sing With Freedom Program Is Fantastic"

The Sing With Freedom program is fantastic! I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their singing. Per's approach is unique and it has really helped me to relax and get the best out of my voice!

Cathy Vard

Triple Platinum Selling Artist

"Already Singing With Freedom! It's Amazing!"

I work fulltime as a freelance vocalist in Australia, and I realised that even though I could sing well, there were still many areas that I needed to develop.
For the record, I have spent $$$ on singing lessons & other courses and I must admit, when I stumbled……

Evelyn Duprai


"To Deliver Consistent Performances Night After Night"

After singing professionally with a rock band as well as a solo performer for 20 plus years… I always found it challenging to try and keep some kind of consistency in my night to night performance.
Well over the years some of the bad nights led to vocal polyps and nodules…..

Remy Lambert


"You've Inspired Me To Work Harder At My Craft"

Paul Shortino - Lead Singer of Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot and LAs Vegas show Raiding The Rock Vault

Watch the full conversation in the podcast "Finding Your Voice with Per Bristow"

"I Had Vocal Nodules...  You Saved My Life"

Ian Clarkson –  Lead Singer in Jive Aces – UK's No 1 Jive Band, Semi-Finalist In Britain's Got Talent

"Best Thing I Ever Did!!"

I got tired of singing and took a break, but I wanted to fall in love with it again. I got online and saw Per Bristow and the buzz around it. So I thought I’ll just take the plunge and see what it’s all about. It’s the best thing I ever did.

Dominic Cincotta


"I've Been Using Your Concepts With My Barbershop Chorus"

I sing a lot of contemporary rock music and barbershop, and I am the director of a barbershop chorus named the New Mexichords. I love these classes! They are so helpful! I am able to learn so much more watching this in real time…..

Jamie Arington

Director of Barbershop Chorus
New Mexico

"I Could Now Sing 19 Gigs in 12 Days"

I just came of a run of 19 shows in the last 12 days and I would not have been able to do that if I hadn't signed up for your program.

Dallas “Doc” Doctor

Pro Rock Singer and Guitarist

"In The First Lesson I Learned So Much About Freeing The Voice"

Elizabeth Montgomery - Professional Classical Singer

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"It's Had A Tremendous Effect On My Singing Abilities"

Steven Pitman –  European Elvis Champion

"It Has Worked Wonders For Me"

Annie Mullin - Former Las Vegas Star

Las Vegas

Watch the full conversation in the podcast "Finding Your Voice with Per Bristow"