Per Bristow’s revolutionary method is used by singers in 146 countries.

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"In 20 Years I've Never Had A Teacher Approach Singing Like Per Does"

"Oh my goodness, I am so beyond grateful for this program. I literally only started yesterday and it's already rocker my world. I had a 4 hour jazz gig last night and had more freedom in my scatting and endurance through the gig. I've studies voice for almost 20 years but have never had a teacher approach singing like Per does. THANK YOU!"

Lola Kristine Hennike

"Per Bristow Is The Bruce Lee Of Voice"

"I've been singing and songwriting for 17 years and I've been doing the course for 8 Months now. What a miracle!!!!!!!!!!

It has helped let my instrument be what it is supposed to be. Per is like the BRUCE LEE of the VOICE!"

Sean Van Blerk

"I've Been Crying Like A Baby"

"Ok, I've been crying like a baby for the last 15 minutes.

Not because I'm sad, but because of the joy that's in my heart. In the past, I was unable to even reach high C. Today, I not only hit high C, but made it to E without strain or pain in my throat. Yes, I'm still crying as I'm typing this. Thank you Per Bristow. You are truly a miracle worker."

Maria Sanchez

PER BRISTOW was born in Sweden and has resided in Los Angeles for more than two decades.

He has become known for revolutionizing the world of singing training with his method that
moved away from the traditional way of singing scales, to a process that engages deep awareness and muscle isolation training, as well as mental/psychological release training and Peak Performance training.

It has evolved from his background as a 
child prodigy violin player, elite youth athlete and international performer, together with his deep insights in physiology, neuroscience, creativity, peak performance psychology and more.

When he launched his method online in 2008, it quickly spread across the world, and it is known as 
the world's most popular training used by singers in 146 countries.

His live events have sold out in 9 countries on 4 continents.

Here are some opinions from all kinds of singers from around the world:

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