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Per Bristow originally hails from Sweden, but has resided in Los Angeles for two decades where he became known for his unconventional, yet powerful ways to help singers and speakers with a myriad of issues from healing complex voice problems to becoming truly impactful on stage.

After launching his Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone training, he has become known as the world’s most followed voice and performance coach, with singers in 146 countries actively engaged in the training.

His method is known to effectively heal voice dysfunctions and improve all aspects of your physical voice, in addition to releasing your "inner voice" so you can express with greater freedom, and become more confident, charismatic and influential. 

His elite Peak Performance training trains performers how to perform at your peak when it matters the most.

His live events, workshops and masterclasses have sold-out on 4 continents.


  • Heal A Voice Problem
  • Get A Richer And More Resonant Voice
  • Sing With More Power With Less Effort 
  • Dramatically Improve Your Range
  • Gain Greater Pitch Accuracy
  • And Truly SING With Greater FREEDOM!