Release Your Voice – Release YOU –
Release What You’re Truly Capable Of!

Las Vegas Jan 30

Learn The Art Of Rapid Skill Development and Peak Performance — To Experience Greater SUCCESS and FREEDOM in Singing, Speaking, In Business and In Life!

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"I find Per Bristow to be one of the most effective and articulate teachers I have come across in the past 30 years." —Greg Warburton, Sports performance & mental training coach

"My life has changed never to be the same again! The event gave me more than I expected. I saw new ways of thinking on so many different levels." —Victoria Johnson

Release Restrictions And Ignite The True

Potential Of YOU!

In one amazing jam-packed day, filled with music and fun, you will learn:

  • The Revolutionary Way To Dramatically Improve Your Authentic Voice - It applies to YOU, whether you are a seasoned pro singer, an up-and-coming artist, a hobby singer, a speaker, coach or teacher, or you want to become more confident and influential anytime you communicate!
  • How To Release Hidden Fears and Restrictions - It's time to release what holds you back from achieving your dreams - in your singing, career, and life!
  • The Art of Rapid-Fire Skill Development - Learn in weeks and months, what would otherwise take years! (Applies to any area of life.)
  • The Art Of Peak Performance - Achieve far greater success with greater ease and more joy!

The Powerful Connection Between Releasing

Your Voice And Igniting Your Life…

There is a reason why every culture sings, and why every child sings until told to shut up.

There is a reason why singing brings with it so many proven health benefits, why singing attracts and unifies, why you become adored when you sing well.

There is a reason why expressing with your voice can be such a soulful, liberating, and energizing activity.

BUT… many voices were silenced at a young age.

Many’s potential - yes, yours too - has become restricted by fears, habits and beliefs.

Many suffer from performance anxieties, or social anxieties.

Many professionals and up-and-coming artists suffer from the distressing feeling of not being "good enough".

Maybe you too feel stuck in your life?

What if you would experience even greater freedom in your voice and body (greater health), and enjoy greater success in 2016?

Why This Goes Beyond Singing

Perhaps you know that my Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone and Speak With Freedom programs are the world’s most popular training programs for singers and speakers.

Perhaps you know that I was considered a child prodigy playing the violin, then turned into an elite youth athlete, and then had one of the leading roles in the two biggest box office success in Swedish theatre history. (I grew up Sweden.)

The reason 10,000s of people in 132 countries have benefitted from my coaching is because it goes beyond training the physical voice.

We could argue that what I really do is help you develop a deeper awareness of your body and mind, and give you a new ability to release physical, mental and psychological restrictions.

I give you tools to tap into a newfound ability to learn skills at rapid-fire speed

And one of my greatest passions is to teach the psychology and art of Peak Performance so you can perform at far greater levels on stage and in life.

– Pro performers engage in this training to perform at greater levels on their tours and in concerts.

– Up-and-coming artists use it to dramatically elevate their careers.

– Hobby singers and those who have never sung before use it to release a newfound capacity within.

On May 21st, you'll learn powerful ways to take your voice, communication skills and performance skills to new levels.

How Weaknesses Can Turn Into Strengths

At this unique Live Event, I will share what really transformed my life, as well as the lives of numerous clients/students, and how it can transform yours!

You’ll see me bust the myth of talent right before your very eyes.

I’ll demonstrate the true difference between doing something for years with little results, and experiencing breakthroughs in a short amount of time.

I’ll share how my high school weaknesses became my greatest strengths, how I overcome a career threatening health challenge and financial ruin, and why we all have extraordinary capacity to improve, and do so rapidly.


Peak Performance: Transforming Fear Into Freedom!

We’ll shatter those fears once and for all, and learn the true power of Peak Performance.

The ability to perform at your peak when it matters the most is perhaps one of the most vital skills we can develop. (And it is a developed skill)

This is how you can be calm and resourceful during challenging times, when you can become more creative when you really need it, when you can reduce stress, fears and anxieties and instead feel a surge of confidence and inner strength.

What you’ll learn ties into how you become more charismatic, spontaneous, and alive as performer as well as a human being. (see video below).

This is how you become a more effective and influential communicator.

This is how you become able to take on greater challenges in life, with greater enjoyment and greater joy and peace.

(Watch the video below)

Why Many Times It’s Easier To Create

Dramatic Improvements Than Small

Incremental Improvements

On May 21, you’ll, for example, discover how to:

  • Release hidden restrictions that you are not even aware of, but are holding you back (In your voice and life.)

  • Overcome fears, performance anxieties, and social anxieties

  • Become more charismatic, spontaneous and attractive as a human being

  • Develop skills at rapid-fire speed (Whether singing, playing an instrument, or any other skill.)

  • Develop skills at rapid-fire speed (Whether singing, playing an instrument, or any other skill.)

  • Tap into the amazing powers of your mind and body for improved health and well-being

  • Use advanced mental strategies to effectively improve skills and perform at your peak when it matters the most

  • Live your life with an even greater sense of purpose, love and joy

The Relationship Between The Psychology of

Peak Performance, Skill Development

And Enjoyment of Life!

So, Do You Deserve A Day Of FUN? 🙂

Of course you do. And again, this is not just a regular “singing workshop”, or simply re-hashing what we do in the Sing With Freedom training. My training starts off with giving permission. Most people never give permission to fail (fearing failure), and at the same time they never give permission to discover what they are capable of.

Too many never give themselves permission to experience the beauty of life, and true success.

Are you going to let restrictions hold you back, or are you going to give yourself permission to come and be part of this experience?

If you’re an active singer, a professional singer even, come and learn how to take your voice, career and life to the to the next level. The session on Peak Performance alone will likely have a tremendous impact on everything you do.

If you who have never sung, or have no desire to sing, come to the event (you don’t have to sing), and experience how to free your inner voice, your inner soul, your passion for life, what you are all about.

— Maybe you’re a singer/speaker/artist/coach/entrepreneur and you feel stuck. You feel held back, you’re not as creative and successful as you know you can be…

— Maybe you’re tired of feeling those fears, performance anxieties, and/or social anxieties…

— What if you could express and communicate with greater confidence and freedom, and people would respect, admire and be more influenced by you?

— Maybe you’re a teacher or coach and would love to find new ways of empowering your students?

— What if you would simply love to be inspired, meet new wonderful people, be in a room filled with amazing energy, and have a phenomenal experience…

Then join us on January 30!

Network and Make Valuable Connections

Singing together, learning together, gathering together is a mighty powerful experience. Joining people with similar interests is one of the greatest bonding experiences.

And yes, if you are familiar with your neurochemicals, we are, among other things, providing you with an important oxytocin boost. (You will learn about the neuroscience of achievement and peak performance too. It’s important!)

Yes, this event also gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet new people.

At previous events, attendees made great friends, bonded with new musicians to create bands, made connections that lead to gigs and performance opportunities.


  • Kingsway Hall Chef’s Yummy Buffett plus Drink
  • Meet & Greet with Per (Per will be there to mingle, party, answer any questions, take photos and have fun)
  • Network with all the other attendees. (At prior event deals were made, band members were found, and more…)



Sexy Brazilian Samba Carnival Show!

Ohhh, this is going to be hot…

NOTE: We ask for only $50 extra for this optional dinner/party. This does not even cover our cost for the food, but we offer this additional party in the spirit of making this day an amazing experience.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Main Event

When: January 30 - 9am-5:30 pm

After Party/Dinner

When: January 30 - 7pm-10pm

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

4455 Paradise Rd Las Vegas, NV 89169

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