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A Life-Transforming Weekend When Singers, Artists, Performers Of All Kinds, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, And All-Kinds Of Growth-Oriented Souls Gather...

To Discover Profound Methods To Unleash Your Voice, Transform Hidden Fears Into Freedom, Turn You Into A More Impactful Human Being And Thrive Like Never Before Doing What You Love To Do!

"WOW! I've been speaking for 10 years around the world and have trained thousands of exceptional speakers and when I see brilliance, I just have to shout it from the roof-tops!  Per's ability to captivate an audience took my breath away!

CARREN SMITH – Speaker, Mindset Mentor, Best Selling Author

"I find Per Bristow to be one of the most effective and articulate teachers I have come across in the past 30 years! His work is authentic, practical, and truly useful contribution to the world of performance!

GREG WARBURTON – Sport Performance Mental Training Coach

"This was the most life-enriching experience ever! Jam-packed with goodies and life-changing insights!"

SARAH DEMESTRE – Singer / Songwriter 

Hello dream-achiever,

Do you feel held-back in life? Do you feel there’s potential within you, but it’s so frustrating to not get the results you want?

I know the feeling.

Today, some know me as a voice and performance coach, creator of the world's most popular training  used by people in 132 countries.

Others know me as a peak performance coach, entrepreneur, business owner and a world-traveler.

But it wasn't always like that.

Some knew me as that crazy guy who left a promising career in his home country (Sweden) to start anew in a new country (USA) with no contacts, little money and no business skills. 

They Called Me A Crazy Dreamer

Yes, I’ve always been a dreamer. 

I’ve also always loved to learn. I’ve wanted to figure out ways, methods, strategies to be able to accomplish crazy dreams.

I wanted to challenge conventional beliefs about talent vs. non-talent.

And I wanted to help others release far greater capacity within them than they thought was possible.

The Myth Of "Talent"

You see, I always heard I was “a natural” playing the violin. It became really annoying. It started to sound as if I wasn't practicing. But I was, in fact, deeply engaged in figuring out effective strategies.

So I turned to sports. The bummer was I had little talent. And then a back injury in my early teens left me wondering if I was ever going to run and jump again,

Two years later I was one of the top youth athletes in the country in 6 different track and field events. Crazy. How does that happen?

You Are Capable Of So Much More Than You Realize

I had never sung a note before the age of 17, but a few years later I sang one of the leading roles in the two biggest box office success in Swedish theatre history. How does that happen?

I came to the US and went completely broke financially after a medical issue destroyed my voice and my health.

Today, my training is used by singers in 132 countries and I am known to have developed one of the most successful training platforms by a solopreneur in the world. 

But We Need Effective Strategies

Look, we are capable of so much more than we think.

My whole purpose for coaching is to help draw out unknown capacity within a person. Singing happens to be one of the disciplines that are most captured by tradition and false beliefs of “talent” vs “non-talent”. 

So please realize that his event is about far more than what we may traditionally think of as singing. 

This is Not About Singing Some Pretty Notes. This Is About Making Your Life And Career Sing!

Yes, this weekend is about giving you the skills that will transform your life in any area you apply it.

If you are a singer and want a more successful career as such, then of course you need to come.

If you only sing as a hobby, or don't really sing at all, what you will learn will have a profound effect on your life going forward. 

In Melbourne February 23 & 24, You Will Learn Proven Strategies To Release YOU – The Unique, Authentic, Charismatic, Respected, Influential, And Impactful YOU!

DAY 1 


How To Release Your Voice And Become A Truly Confident, Charismatic And Impactful Performer!

Day One focuses on the power of your voice, expression, and communication, confidence, peak performance and influence.

Attendees will be invited to perform and be coached on stage (it could be you), and you will discover how simple shifts instantly make a person freer, more confident, more charismatic, and more impactful.

And you will realize how this ability to become freer, more powerful, more confident, more spontaneous, more creative, more influential and more impactful applies to ALL AREAS OF LIFE.

Yes, we will cover areas such as how to:

  • Make your physical voice healthier, more resonant, powerful and free!
  • Become a more captivating, influential and impactful artist, performer, communicator and human being!
  • Release performance anxieties in even the most pressured and challenging situations!
  • And much much more!

Hear Some Voices From Recent Event:

DAY 2 


How To Go From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be – The Art Of Unleashing What You Are Truly Capable Of!

An artists must excel as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur must excel at creativity and artistry.

And both need to develop the art of communication and influence  as well as the art of Peak Performance to be able to attract your audience and be able handle greater and greater challenges in life with less stress and more joy!.

Yes, you will achieve greater success in any area of your life by applying what you will learn during day 2.

Here is your opportunity to learn from Per who left a promising career in his home country, started anew in Los Angeles, went broke after facing a career threatening medical issue, and then become a role model for health and built one of the world's most prolific online training platforms all categories by a "solopreneur".

We will cover several areas, such as:

  • The True Power Of Creativity – Unleash your creativity, innovative and problem solving skills to be able to overcome challenges and design the life you want.
  • Influential Communication – You’ll discover how to not only captivate an audience from stage, but how to excel at presenting, selling, negotiating, connecting and bonding with people in all kinds of situations. ( You do not have to be extroverted!)
  • The Art Of Systems And Processes – This is an area creative people are generally lousy at. Learn this and you will 10x your creative output.
  • Mindset, Psychology and Neuroscience For Success – You’ll discover the fears, beliefs, habits and patterns that hold you captive and learn to train your brain and nervous system to operate and achieve at far greater levels with greater peace, joy, love and success as a result.
  • The Art Of Peak Performance – Learn the ability to be calm and focused under pressure, and be at your best when facing the greatest challenges.
  • Value Creation – You’ll discover how you can dramatically increase the value of who you are and what you do, make your time and efforts more effective, and therefore significantly increase your income by have greater impact and being of greater service.

Per Bristow is the creator of the Bristow Voice Method and has become known as the world’s most followed voice and performance coach and one of the most successful educational online entrepreneurs. 

His home study programs Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone  and Speak With Freedomhave helped people in 132 countries become more empowered as singers, performers, communicators, presenters, and human beings.

His method is known to effectively heal voice dysfunctions and improve all aspects of your physical voice.

Most of all, his method releases your "inner voice" so you can express with greater confidence and freedom, and become more charismatic and influential. 

His elite Peak Performance training trains performers how to perform at your peak when it matters the most. 

His live events, workshops and masterclasses have sold-out on 4 continents.


After you register you will be sent a questionnaire where you get an opportunity to introduce yourself.

Take advantage of this. Per will select those he will work with on stage, both in regards to voice and performance on day one, and in hot seats on day two.

(You DO NOT need to get up on stage if you don’t want!)

You will bring a notebook to the event and on day two especially you will be taking lots of notes and do exercises to devise your game plan for greater fulfillment and success.

Are You Ready To Make 2019 An Extraordinary Year?



AIM - Australian Institute Of Music, Melbourne


February 23 & 24


10 am - 6pm


Select if you want to come one of the days or both days. Both days are obviously recommended.

(Refunds accepted until  Feb 10)

Email if you need assistance


It’s been such a pleasure to witness the tender way you connect with each person and intuitively sense into their own personal blocks and needs with such skill and compassion.

What a gorgeous gift this is. And I loved the real wisdom you shared around vulnerability, confidence, spontaneity, engagement, love, connection and fear.

Such valuable insights for life in general and they clearly resonated deeply with everyone in the room. It’s also been really inspiring (and a rare thing) to experience the depth of presence you embody on stage.

You’re a wonderful and wise human being and an excellent teacher. What an awesome combination! Thank you Per for sharing all this with us.”

- Samantha De Siena

I was blown away at your level of expertise in coaching anyone through any restriction and into Freedom with their voice. My experience with your coaching isn't just about freedom with vocals, it's about freedom with everything. Truth is, that your event was surprisingly transformational on so many levels”

- Garrett Carerra