It is with deep sadness we must announce that after 10 successful events in 5 countries – events that have had a tremendous impact on so many – we are suddenly, due to unforseen circumstances, forced to cancel our Los Angeles event.

Much of Per's philosophy and training centers around how to turn things around when things don't go well. How to perform well under pressure. How to find solutions in the midst of crisis.

While this is a tremendous blow financially and emotionally for Per, rest assured that he is determined to use this setback to create something even more profound so you can benefit event greater in the future.

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“Per is one of the most effective teachers I've come across in 30 years”

"I find Per Bristow to be one of the most effective and articulate teachers I have come across in the past 30 years! His work is authentic, practical, and truly useful contribution to the world of performance!

Greg Warburton

Sport Performance Mental Training Coach

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Here's How We Release Capacity Within You That They Don't Know About... Yet!

Get ready for a jam-packed day where you will learn the revolutionary strategies how to:

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    Empower Your Unique Voice! Let's make your voice richer, more powerful, resonant and FREE!
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    Release Fears And Hidden Restrictions! No more stage fright or performance anxieties. No more of the real capacity of you being held-back!
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    Become More Confident, Charismatic, Attractive, Influential and Impactful! 
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    Develop Skills At Rapid-Fire Speed! The myth of "talent" will be crushed right before your very eyes, and you'll learn the true art of effective skill development!
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    Become A True Peak Performer In Life! This is likely the most valuable skill anyone can ever develop - the #1 skill for success - and very few know how!
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    And much more!

“Per's ability to captivate an audience took my breath away”

 "WOW! Per had me at hello! My goodness, I've been speaking for 10 years around the world and have trained thousands of exceptional speakers and when I see brilliance, I just have to shout it from the roof-tops! Per's ability to captivate an audience and inspire them took my breath away!"

Carren Smith

Speaker, Mindset Mentor, Best Selling Author

Who Is This Guy With The Strange Name Who's About To Bust The Myth Of "Talent" Right Before Your Very Eyes And Ultimately Transform Your Life?

Per Bristow went from child prodigy violin player to elite youth athlete to singer and performer in Sweden's two biggest box office successes.

After moving to Los Angeles, he became one of the most sought after voice and performance coaches for singers and speakers...

...when a sudden career-threatening health crisis, coupled with financial crisis, made his career and life come to an abrupt halt...

As a result, he set out to, not only heal, but to become a role model for health, vitality and business success in order to help others.

He launched his unique coaching for singing, speaking, performance and peak performance online, and his training is now the world's most successful training with students in 132 countries

In the last 18 months he sold out nine full-day events in five countries.

Now, in this updated live event, Per Bristow is about to take you on an unforgettable journey to inspire and demonstrate how YOU TOO can rapidly and effectively ignite a newfound level of success, joy and freedom in your communications, your performances, your career and life!

Why Should You Come?

Because you realize that the benefits you gain from everything we cover will have a profound effect on numerous areas of your life.

Everyone comes for difference reasons, and everyone leaves with an experience beyond what was expected.

Maybe you want to come and see how a guy who once was introverted and scared can captivate an audience, and learn how you can do the same?

Maybe you want to learn about all the skills mentioned above?

Maybe you want to come and meet other amazing people?

Let's Not Settle For Less Than You Can Be

Let's face it, it's much easier to not do something than to do it.

That's why most people never develop what they're capable of, and instead settle for less than they can be. You are different.

You are someone who knows that the joy of life comes from engagement.

November 11, will be a beautiful day to engage, learn, have fun and walk away with newfound passion, freedom and skills.

“This was the most life-enriching experience ever!”

 "This was the most life-enriching experience ever! Jam-packed with goodies and life-changing insights!"

Sarah Demestre

“I got my money's worth in the first 90 minutes”

 "This was an amazing event! I felt like I'd gotten my money's worth in the first 90 minutes!"

Lynne Goodman


Yes, let's not forget the after party!

At prior events, we’ve had Olympians, World-Champion athletes, business leaders, world-class musicians and artists.

Yes, highly successful people from numerous fields attend.

This is your opportunity to mingle with Per and other attendees. Getting to know amazing people is one of the big additional benefits you get from coming to this event!


Marriott - Los Angeles

Saturday Nov 11, 8 AM – 10 AM

Saturday Nov 11, 10 AM – 6PM

8 PM – ?


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