Let's Make Your Voice SOAR With Greater Freedom!

Transform Fears Into Freedom And Become A Truly Confident And Captivating Performer!


A FULL-DAY INTENSIVE With World-Renowned Los Angeles Voice And Performance Coach PER BRISTOW – Creator Of The Revolutionary Method That Has Freed Voices And Transformed Performers In 132 Countries!


During this fun and powerful day you will learn the revolutionary strategies to:

  • Heal voice problems, release hidden tension, develop strength, range and resonance, and experience a newfound FREEDOM when you sing! 
  • Release your inner voice, become more charismatic powerful and influential.  Learn to create a greater bond with your audience and become an even more alive, spontaneous, and captivating performer!
  • Overcome stage fright and performance anxieties once and for all. You'll become more alive, confident and when you perform!
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    Perform at your peak when it matters the most. Yes, learn the powerful strategies of how to become a true peak performer! (It applies to stage, business and life.)

You May Perform On Stage Or You May Just Watch If You Prefer.  

(Sometimes We Learn Just As Much From Just Watching.)


How The Ability To Express And Perform With Greater Freedom Impacts Your Life Beyond The Stage

Yes, on September 29 you will be given life-skills to develop your instrument, keep it in top shape, and draw out even greater capacity within.

You can get a stronger, richer, and more resonant voice if you want. You can dramatically improve the range of your voice and make those high notes soar with greater freedom. You can get a deeper, richer, warmer, and/or edgier voice if you want.


Ultimately, This Interactive Workshop is About Releasing YOU!

Yes, we want to release the unique, confident, charismatic, captivating, spontaneous YOU – the YOU that feels good and alive, that can express with even greater freedom and passion, and that can create a bond with your audience in a newfound way.

If you perform, you will become a far more successful performer.

If you don’t perform much, you will experience singing in a new profound and beautiful way.

You'll Experience Singing In A New Profound And Beautiful Way

Maybe you want to be more successful and have a bigger following as an artist?.

Maybe you want to be a greater resource to your band, group or choir, and have even more fun when you sing?

Maybe you want to record a song and feel really good about the results?

Maybe you've never sung much before, but you want to learn.

You Are Welcome Whatever Style You Like To Sing And Whatever All Level You Are At

Releasing your voice and igniting your ability to connect with an audience, impacts your life, not just on stage, but off stage too.

Just imagine what will happen when you become more confident, charismatic and influential.

The Ability To Connect And Create A Bond With Other People Is Vital For Success In Many Areas

Yes, releasing your voice and your personality the way we are going to do here can be a very life-transforming experience.

Learning To Transform Fears Into Freedom Is also Vital To Live A Successful And Fulfilled Life

Yes, artist and entrepreneurs face setbacks and failures all the time.

Learning to transform fears into freedom and learn powerful peak performance skills are absolutely vital for performing artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, creative souls, in fact anyone who want to succeed at higher levels and lives more fulfilled lives. 

The Peak Performance skills you are about to learn will enable you to handle all kinds of challenges in life in a new empowering and successful way.

Per Bristow is the creator of the Bristow Voice Method and has become known as the world’s most followed voice and performance coach.  

His home study programs “Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone”  and Speak With Freedom” have helped people in 132 countries become more empowered as singers, performers, communicators, presenters, and human beings.

His method is known to effectively heal voice dysfunctions and improve all aspects of your physical voice.

Most of all, his method releases your "inner voice" so you can express with greater confidence and freedom, and become more charismatic and influential. 

In addition, he also renowned for his elite Peak Performance training - how to perform at your peak when it matters the most. 

His live events, workshops and masterclasses have sold-out on 4 continents.


“It’s been a real pleasure to witness the tender way you connect with each singer and intuitively sense into their own personal blocks and needs with such skill and compassion.

What a gorgeous gift this is. And I loved the real wisdom you shared around vulnerability, confidence, spontaneity, engagement, love, connection and fear. Such valuable insights for life in general and they clearly resonated deeply with everyone in the room. It’s also been really inspiring (and a rare thing) to experience the depth of presence you embody on stage.

You’re a wonderful and wise human being and an excellent teacher. What an awesome combination! Thank you Per for sharing all this with us.”

- Samantha De Siena

“I was blown away at your level of expertise in coaching anyone through any restriction and into Freedom with their voice. My experience with your coaching isn't just about freedom with vocals, it's about freedom with everything. Truth is, that Saturday workshop was surprisingly transformational on so many levels”

- Garrett Carerra

“Rocking Awesome workshop! And thank you for the game-changing direction of my original "Red Wine"? Best 4 hours I've ever invested in”

– Drian Von Golden

SING WITH FREEDOM LIVE Is The Premier Event For You Who Want To Take Your Singing To The Next Level And Perform With Greater Confidence And Impact. 

  • SING WITH FREEDOM LIVE is a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that will give you the tools you need to sing, perform, create, and live with freedom
  • You may very well get up on stage (not guaranteed but very possible), and Per will draw out unknown capacity within you right there and then that will make you feel incredible.
  • Even if you don’t get up on stage, you will learn as much from witnessing other attendee’s transformations, and you’ll know how you can apply what you learn to your own voice and performances.
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    You will learn how to connect with your audience in a newfound way, as well as how to connect to your inner voice/soul.
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    If you’re a songwriter, you will learn how to tap into greater creative genius.
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    You will discover how to come alive in a new way that transforms into greater joy and success in life (and handle setbacks and struggles in a new light.)
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    You have enormous capacity within you.
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    On September 29 we will draw out what you may not have realized before.

Here are your options:



Participate in all interactive group exercises.
Watch and learn without getting on stage.



VIP ADMISSION (Max 30 people)

You will submit a song and fill out a questionnaire before the event. Per will listen and get to know who you are and what you want help with.

You will be in a pool of those who will be selected to get on stage. (15 people will get on stage.) If you don't get on stage, rest assured that Per will make sure that your issues are covered, and he will give you personal feedback in the follow-up teleseminar.

NOTE: Only those who have done Per’s online Sing With Freedom training will be able to get on stage. This is to make sure you get the absolute most out of this opportunity. 

Therefore, this VIP Ticket also includes:

The Entire Sing With Freedom Online Training Program!

You receive the download version of the same training that has empowered singers in 132 countries

Value $147

Membership in The Singing Zone - One Month FREE!

  • EAR TRAINING Value $97
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Membership in The Singing Zone Exclusive Facebook Group – One Month FREE!

Get your questions answered by Per, engage with other members, get feedback, watch case studies, participate in live sessions etc.

Follow-Up Virtual Coaching Teleseminar

Per will give feedback to your song and help you get to the next level. This is especially for you who weren't able to get on stage at the event.

Value $77

Total value $612 
Only $297
(If you already have the Sing With Freedom program you get a discount)