Some know him as the world's most followed voice & performance coach. Some know Per Bristow as "the dream-enabler"...


"A true masterclass in voice, performance, career and life"



Plus optional VIP immersion day on September 23!

A Life-Transforming Weekend When Singers, Artists, Performers Of All Kinds, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, And All-Kinds Of Growth-Oriented Souls Gather...

To Discover Profound Methods To Unleash Your VoiceTransform Hidden Fears Into Freedom, Turn You Into A More Impactful Performer, Communicator And Human Being, And Thrive Like Never Before Doing What You Love To Do!

"The energy on the stage and in the room was infectious."

"A constant stream of great insights, inspiring moments, and new perspectives."

Per Bristow's Breakthrough Methods Have Been Used By Singers, Speakers, Musicians, Performers, Presenters, And Creative Entrepreneurs In 132 Countries.

His Live Events Have Sold Out On 4 Continents. 

In these two jam-packed days, you will learn:

  • The Art Of Releasing And Empowering Your Voice:
    Experience the revolutionary method that has trained singers and speakers in 132 countries. Learn how to make your voice, healthy, strong, rich, resonant, free and attractive. This applies to YOU, whether you are a singer (any level), a speaker, coach, teacher, entrepreneur, or you simply want to become more confident, influential and impactful anytime you communicate!
  • The Art Of Transforming Fears, Anxieties and Restrictions Into FREEDOM:
    Fears do not just only appear when facing challenging situations. Hidden fears and restrictions hold you back from living life fully. You'll learn the breakthrough strategies to release YOU!
  • The Art Of Performing, Connecting With, And Positively Influencing Others:
    This is how an artist becomes truly impactful and successful. This is how you thrive in relationships, career and life. This is how you get people to say YES to you! You will become far better at presenting, selling, negotiating, connecting and bonding with people in all kinds of situations. (You do NOT have to be extroverted!)
  • The Art of Rapid-Fire Skill Development:
    Learn in weeks and months, what would otherwise take years! (Applies to any area of life.)
  • The Art Of Peak Performance:
    This is one of the most valuable skills you can ever develop, but which most people never learn to develop. This is how you can live life with less stress, how you can take on greater challenges, and be your best when it matters the most. You will achieve far greater success with greater ease and more joy!


Release Restrictions And Ignite The True Potential Of YOU!

Maybe you feel held-back in your life, that you're not getting the results you wish?

Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed?

Do you feel restricted in your physical and/or inner voice and you wish you could have greater impact in the world somehow?

What if you were even more captivating and influential when presenting, performing, communicating and that people would be even more positively influenced and inspired by you?

Maybe you'd like to be a more successful performer or presenter?

Maybe you are a coach, teacher or parent and want to get powerful tools to be even more effective in that role?

Maybe you want to learn powerful ways to experience “the zone” and achieve states of peak performance ?

"Per's ability to captivate an audience took my breath away"

"WOW! I've been speaking for 10 years around the world and have trained thousands of exceptional speakers and when I see brilliance, I just have to shout it from the roof-tops!  Per's ability to captivate an audience took my breath away!

CARREN SMITH – Speaker, Mindset Mentor, Best Selling Author

"One of the most effective and articulate teachers"

"I find Per Bristow to be one of the most effective and articulate teachers I have come across in the past 30 years! His work is authentic, practical, and truly useful contribution to the world of performance!

GREG WARBURTON – Sport Performance Mental Training Coach

 "I didn't expect to feel so incredibly empowered and ON FIRE"

"I knew I'd be educated and encouraged, but I didn't expect to feel so incredibly empowered and ON FIRE when I left on Sunday. BRAVO!! Never stop what you're doing, Per!"


The Powerful Connection Between Releasing Your Voice And Igniting Your Life…

There is a reason why every culture sings, and why every child sings until told to shut up.

There is a reason why singing brings with it so many proven health benefits, why singing attracts and unifies, why you become adored when you sing well.

There is a reason why expressing with your voice can be such a soulful, liberating, and energizing activity.

BUT… many voices were silenced at a young age.

Many live their lives restricted by fears, habits and beliefs. Yes, we all do to some extent.

You'll Transform That Debilitating Feeling Of Not Being "Good Enough

Many suffer from performance anxieties, or social anxieties. Many suffer from the distressing feeling of not being "good enough". Maybe you too feel stuck in your life?

September 21 & 22 will provide the breakthrough experience to free yourself from past traumas, from the deeply embedded feeling and fear of not being good enough. 

You'll tap into your true essence and gain greater clarity, to be able to express who you really are and recognize the beautiful contribution you can bring, and are bringing, to the world and how you can improve it.

Who Is Per Bristow?

Perhaps you know that my Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone and Speak With Freedom programs are the world’s most popular training programs for singers and speakers.

Perhaps you know that I was considered a child prodigy playing the violin, then turned into an elite youth athlete, and then had one of the leading roles in the two biggest box office success in Swedish theatre history. (I grew up Sweden.)

The reason 70,000 people in 132 countries have benefitted from my coaching is because it goes beyond training the physical voice.

We could argue that what I really do is help you develop a deeper awareness of your body and mind, and give you a new ability to release physical, mental and psychological restrictions.

I give you tools to tap into a newfound ability to learn skills at rapid-fire speed.

And one of my greatest passions is to teach the psychology and art of Peak Performance.

Peak Performance: Transforming Fears Into Freedom

Imagine the lights go on, and it's your time to shine. It's your moment when you want to be your absolute best, better than you ever have been.

Now, imagine that "stage" being a different kind of challenge. A financial crisis, a breakdown in a relationship, a health challenge.

The ability to perform at your peak when it matters the most is perhaps one of the most vital skills we can develop. (Yes, it is a developed skill!)

Developing this skill enables you to be calm and resourceful during challenging times.

This is how you can become more creative when you really need it. This is how you can reduce stress, fears and anxieties and instead feel a surge of confidence and inner strength.

Achieve Greater Success With Less Stress!

Yes, what you’ll learn ties into how you become more charismatic, spontaneous, and alive as performer as well as a human being.

This is how you become a more effective and influential communicator. This is how you become able to take on greater challenges in life, with greater enjoyment and greater joy and peace.

Some Experiences From Previous Events:

Connect To Your Voice, To Your Inner Voice And Your Purpose In Life, AND Make Invaluable Connections And Friends For Life!

Singing together, learning together, gathering together is a mighty powerful experience.

Being together with people with similar interests is one of the greatest bonding experiences.

Yes, this weekend provides you a wonderful opportunity to meet new people!

At previous events, attendees have made friends for life, and made valuable business connections. 



As mentioned in the video at the top of this page, this additional day is especially designed for you the business owner/entrepreneur who have an existing or up-and-coming product/service and want to grow your business. (A professional artists is an entrepreneur and business owner.)

You will discover how you can easily 10X the investment you made coming to this event.

I will share how I built a global brand by myself without any money, contacts or knowledge to start with, how I get to travel and create events, and how I have been able to attract customers in 132 countries.

We will work hands-on with your business and you will discover how to significantly increase your income, while providing even greater value to your customers and live your life with less stress. 

INCLUDED: Lunch AND VIP dinner with Per and the group on Monday evening.

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Extraordinary Singing Experience

"such a pleasure to witness the tender way you connect with each person "

It’s been such a pleasure to witness the tender way you connect with each person and intuitively sense their personal blocks and needs with such skill and compassion.

I loved the wisdom you shared around vulnerability, confidence, spontaneity, engagement, love, connection and fear.

You’re a wonderful and wise human being and an excellent teacher. What an awesome combination!

Samantha De Siena

"Deeply inspirational and uplifting!!!! "

I have been to very profound seminars with Dr Wayne Dwyer, Eckart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and more, and this event is at the same level.

Deeply inspirational and uplifting!!!! Per is an amazing speaker, with an amazing knowledge in many fields. 

I loved every single moment of the event. 

Thank you Per for being the wonderful inspiring person that you are. What you do is just bliss. You gave us all so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Donatella Delugo – Montessori teacher

 "surprisingly transformational on so many levels"

“I was blown away at your level of expertise in coaching anyone through any restriction and into Freedom.. 

My experience with your coaching isn't just about freedom with vocals, it's about freedom with everything.

Truth is that your event was surprisingly transformational on so many levels”

Garett Carerra
Singer/speaker/business owner

So, Do You Deserve An Unforgettable Weekend?

Of course you do!

All my training always starts off with the concept of giving permission.

The truth is that most people never give themselves permission to fail (fearing failure).

At the same time, they never give themselves permission to truly succeed. 

Too many never give themselves permission to experience the beauty of what life has to offer.

Don't let restrictions hold you back! 

Give yourself permission to come and be part of this experience. 

Give yourself permission to discover what you're truly capable of.


WHERE: Estrel Conference Center, Berlin, German


September 21

08.00 – Registration begins
09.30 – Access to venue (VIPs have preference)
10.00 – Event begins
13.00 – Lunch (Buffet lunch VIPs)
14.15 – Afternoon session
18.00 – Day 1 ends
20.00 – Stars In Concert (Optional: Discounted tickets to this show at the Estrel Center are available to event attendees )

September 22

09.30 – Access to venue (VIPs have preference)
10.00 – Morning session
13.00 – Lunch (Buffet lunch VIPs)
14.15 – Afternoon session
18.00 – Event ends (photo op on stage with Per for VIPs)
20.30 – Gathering/party in bar together with Per

September 23

Full Immersion day from 10 am, which includes lunch and dinner together with Per
(This optional Immersion day is subject to application after you've registered for the 2 day event.)

Times subject to change

A special code for discounted room rates at the Estrel Center will be provided after you register. 


Regular Price

Only $275!

(about 245 Euro)

After your purchase, you will also be able to apply for the exclusive IMMERSION DAY on September 23.

Refunds accepted until September 1
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general admis​sion

497.00 USD

275.00 USD!
(About 245 Euro)