How This Professional Singer Optimizes His Singing Voice To Fire Up His Audience

Do you experience strain when you sing? The truth is that most Pros struggle with far greater voice problems than the audience ever knows.

In this video below, you meet Dallas “Doc” Doctor. He is a very accomplished guitarist and singer in Key West, Florida and sometimes sings 6 hours a day – many days a week. I wanted to talk with him on video to see what he actually had done that prompted him to send me this email:

I've been lucky enough to make a good living, but I've always lived under the "tyranny" of my voice. It wasn't a matter of IF I would lose my voice during a show, it was only a question of "at what point, will my voice go?

I’ve taken many “voice lessons” before, but nothing else was — ever — even close to the immediate and dramatic improvements your Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone program brought me.

My hi-end range improved immediately (it was fear and choking). 🙂 PLUS I can now sing 6-hours (non-stop) without becoming hoarse .... I can barely believe it.

And here's the kicker: I VERY nearly didn't sign up, because your pitch just sounded too good to be true. Finally I just decided I could afford to throw away $150, so why not give it a shot, on the outside chance that I might learn something! And BOY HOWDY! I cannot begin to express the difference you have made.

Watch the video: