Internet Marketing/Advertising Manager

Yes, we are looking for YOU, the ambitious star, who wants a full-time position and be part of a small team that is creating a big impact worldwide/

Per Bristow is the creator of the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone and Speak With Freedom trainings that have become the world’s most popular voice and performance training programs raining singers and speakers in 132 Countries. His "Per Bristow Live" events have sold out in every city, and new products are in the works

Are you reliable and resourceful? Are you ambitious? Do you love to learn, and do you have a great work ethic?

  • Are you experienced in the world of Internet marketing/advertising ?
  • Do you have experience/skills with PPC, CPA, CPM - Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Youtube advertising and other advertising platforms?
  • Do you know about marketing funnels, split testing, and the importance of measuring and analyzing key metrics?
  • Do you know copywriting and have a deep knowledge of the psychology of human behavior and communication?

Maybe you are a seasoned marketer or an up-and-coming star. Either way, we want to hear from you.

Sometimes you will work side by side with Per and his team in Beverly Hills. Sometimes you will be able to work on your own from home.

Compose a compelling presentation (you are a marketer after all) and send it to [email protected]


While many know Per Bristow as a voice and performance coach, those who have studied with him know that his coaching goes beyond singing, into areas of health, high achievement and peak performance (such as being able to be resourceful, creative and productive under “pressure”, and find extraordinary solutions when things aren’t seemingly going well.) See resources below.

Please begin by doing your research on Per (you find links below), and feel if you resonate with Per’s philosophies.

Then reflect on if being a full-time, long-term ROCKSTAR addition to Per’s current ROCKSTAR team could be a rewarding career for you. Would you want to work with Per and his team and be part of the explosive growth of his current company/coaching that is currently helping people in 132 countries?

If YES, and you would love to have a career when you are inspired to wake up Monday mornings to make great things happen, please compose a compelling cover letter that addresses the following:

  • Your background and experience
  • Your greatest talents and strengths
  • Why you are interested in this position, and...
  • Whatever else you think is important for Per to know about you.

Then send your presentation to [email protected]