Here in this video is a great example of what you can do when you have a voice problem. Many people experience vocal hoarseness, vocal fatigue, even serious vocal dysfunctions.  As you know, a home study course can never claim to be a substitute for medical advice. However, realize that no doctor or coach will ever heal a problem. YOU are the person who does the healing.

You heal a problem by developing greater awareness, advanced knowledge of how to deal with the problem and then you follow through. In this video, Felix shares his story of how he has dramatically improved from the problem he encountered. His story is very common and hopefully this helps you to understand how to improve your voice.

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7 Responses to “How Singer Improves His Voice And Heals Voice Problem”

  1. william gunn

    04. Aug, 2010

    this is amazing, i really want to do your program per,my concern is as a lot of folk's is payment, i live on social security and only receive $755.00 a ,month it is not really enough to have a real daily existence without serious budgeting! affording to do your or anyone's program 
    would be very difficult !

  2. Hilda Scott

    04. Aug, 2010

    It sounds to me like this is going to be a great program even for me. I tend to use my throat and then when I get nervous the throat tires and the voice disappears. However, the summertime is just too busy and hot but I am almost sure I will get the program in the fall.

  3. Rue

    05. Aug, 2010

    Hi, what a great video. I am looking forward to singing again I used to yodel with my Dad, and then he stopped and so I stopped. Since I have become spiritual, my Dads spirit told me he stopped because he realised I was getting better than he was. What a shame I didn’t believe in myself more. But during the years I did some singing, but never really believed in myself. But now I have hope for me. I look forward to singing with my husband. Thank you for giving me hope.
    Rue (New Zealand)

  4. Cookie

    07. Aug, 2010

    Your videos helped me. Thank you so much!

  5. Robert Bradshaw

    13. Aug, 2010

    A good point that Per Bristow brings to attention is the counterproductive exercise of ascending scales.

    And singing in tune.

    I experienced my early teachers requiring me to sing ascending scales with the throat tightening and flat top note or forced sharp one.
    It must be your ear although I could whistle it or sing in falsetto perfectly in tune !

  6. Jade

    17. Aug, 2010

    Hello. Could you please make a video on how to sing all the notes without sounding nasal? It makes my voice sound so awful. I can hit all the notes with power and stuff, but it still sounds really nasal and I want to get rid of that problem as soon as possible. PLEASE make a video to help me with my problem. Thanks :)

  7. cristona

    19. Aug, 2010

    are there any videos on how to sing high notes?