Although I coach mainly professional and up-and-coming singers these days in my private practice, I must say I find it just as rewarding when people who have never sung before experience the amazing joy singing can bring (which is one reason why I created the home study program). I encourage you to listen to what Tim shares in this Video.  If you haven't sung much you probably relate to his journey. Learning to sing and enjoying the activity of singing is indeed for everybody – and, frankly, a very important activity for our well-being in my humble opinion.

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96 Responses to “Beginner Singer on Learning To Sing With Joy”

  1. Barbara Lyons

    13. Apr, 2011

    Finding this information is so timely for me. I have stopped singing after years of enjoyment. Starting again has been on my mind. Also, a family member just had a stroke and voice recovery, I have heard, can happen more quickly with practicing vocalizing, comparing it to traditional speech therapy. i want to help her regain her normal voice.
    Cannot wait to get started with this technique.

  2. Ruth

    13. Apr, 2011

    i have the vibratto singing lessons….so interested to see your videos in how they compare.

  3. Shirley

    14. Apr, 2011

    Hi Per,

    Thank you so much in sending me the 5 free videos,every night i listen to it and am doing much better with all the comments i get,on Karaoke that i cannot keep up with it am keeping myself open on jumping into your pool,trying to take care and respect my throat..
    Thanks again.

  4. Louis

    15. Apr, 2011

    Hi Per,

    My name is Louis, and I’m 68 years old. I have loved singing all my life. I love to watch American Idol. The problem is that I can’t sing. I have been told by many that I’m unable to carry a tune, that I’m tone deaf, etc.

    I have very little self esteem when it comes to singing; I’m ashamed to even try to sing in public. I could not even get the courage to sing for a professional singing trainer to only tell me to “forget about being able to sing.

    Is there hope?

  5. hawa

    17. Apr, 2011

    i Can;t wait to get started.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. David

    19. Apr, 2011

    Shortly after I retired from the U.S.Navy (age 35) I took a course in voice at a loco college, I was very surprised in how great my voice sounded. But after I left the college Things that were around me at the time seem to work against me in singing at all. and for years afterwards I tried to find a voice teacher to could help bring my voice back again. ( at age 71) do you think that is possible for me….to be able to find that voice again?
    –David Reed–

  7. Bea

    20. Apr, 2011

    I think everyone,everywhere should sing.I grew up in a family where singing was like breathing.
    Any time any occasion one would tap on a table a door anything available to start the rhythm,and we would follow singing and laughing.Unfortunately one grows,so does fear,and one’s happy life gets more and more limited
    I would like to come back to that feeling of freedom when singing.
    I think your method will help in being aware of what is happening to the body in general while singing and how to slowly but effectively regaining that confidence that has been lost.
    I shall look forward to following your course.

  8. sangita patel

    21. Apr, 2011

    I will be the happiest woman in the world. I can’t wait to start the program. I have good voice but i need a good help.

  9. Annie Jones

    23. Apr, 2011

    Hi i am a 12 year old girl named annie i just wanted to see if i could be like willow smith because i love her voice and i want to be famous like her:)did she even take voice lessons??.

  10. Christine

    25. Apr, 2011

    I’ve had some vocal problems for a while…mornings are difficult for me to sing…even into the day more. by evening I can sing most anything. My voice feels very fatigued in the morning until I pressure through it to get warmed up then I can sing. The problem is it can get that way so quickly any time of the day. Stop singing, it gets cold, for lack of a better word. Also, I’m embarrassed about my vibrato. I am 57 and it seems to be getting wider. Do you think you can help with either of these? I’m willing to get your program but I don’t want to waste my money. I am just a self employed musician and money is tight.

  11. millicent morris robert

    25. Apr, 2011

    iam a beginner i want to improve my voice nd to be on the key or pitch nd to control my voice,nd to sing in high note..
    where do i sign up to be a menber?please make me be perfect…

  12. Shirley

    26. Apr, 2011

    Hi Per Bristow,
    Thank you ever so much for the video you sent me i keep studying them and it has improved me so much,all because of you.
    God bless

  13. Daniel

    28. Apr, 2011

    I just watched the five videos and i’m amazed how this stuff seemed relevant to any style of music, like rock or even heavy metal singing(both of which I find I’m reasonable at and the only sort of music I really enjoy.) So I’ll be sure to practise the freedom of my voice, especially when practising those harsh Metallica or Slayer vocals

  14. Herb

    02. May, 2011

    I am anxious to get started

  15. Donna Pushaw

    05. May, 2011

    I have not seen your videos yet, but I love to sing and have sung in a choir and on stage. If it could help me to learn how to sound better. I would be very happy.

  16. Olafur

    08. May, 2011

    Thanks and have a nice day.
    Olafur Magnusson

  17. Annemarie Brunette

    09. May, 2011

    I could sing many years ago, but didn’t go on with it, will like getting it started again. Had a car accident and my voice was disturbed and I could never get it right again. I believe after practising it will come back again. Can you please send me the nessecary info? Pardon my spelling and maybe way of talking, I’m not English.

  18. melanie

    10. May, 2011

    i being singing sense i was 3 or 4 and i wrote my 1st song when i was between 14 and 16 but i could use some great practice

  19. Lois Amacher

    20. May, 2011

    Per, I’m so excited to learn of you and your method of teaching how to sing better. I’ve always loved to sing, but didn’t have much volume and was shy, but I did sing in our church choir for many years growing up. My sister was a born singer, a c. soprano naturally and I loved to hear her sing. Now we are in our 80′s and she won’t sing any more because she said she has no breath (heart trouble), so I sent her your e-mails hoping she would be inspired to try, but she won’t, so I told her if you could make me sing better, I would do it for her. I thought I’d have to wait until I got to heaven to be able to sing like that.

  20. LaVonne

    23. May, 2011

    I am very interested in the program but do not have a credit card. Can you please send information via snail mail?

  21. penny

    24. May, 2011

    never sung in my life but miss out on family singing on kareoke

  22. Ericka

    25. May, 2011

    I have always wanted to be a singer since I was little and I think I have a good voice. Not many people have heard me sing so i’m not really sure. I have some problems with trying to hit the high notes and I hope to improve. And mabye gain some confidence.

  23. nestor

    27. May, 2011

    thank you Per, i really enjoyed watching those 5 videos, watching your explanations really encouraged me to learn more …but financially i couldn’t afford to have your cd’s…i just want to stay listening and hearing from you for more tips…thank you, thank you very much….more power…! By the way i used to sing the likes of The Nazareth, Scorpion, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, bon jovi, Eagles ,Journey…and many other slow rock songs..what musical key am i singing?Is it C or what..? thanks

  24. nestor

    27. May, 2011

    mixed voice transition is my concern for now…i want to refine it have some tips for me..Thank you…

  25. Mahn Hte Hta

    28. May, 2011

    Thank you very much for your frequently encouraged messages, Per. You are so kind.

  26. Christine

    06. Jun, 2011

    I have a passion for singing, can i sing? hum, that’s left to be heard. lol!. I’m already over the hills as the saying goes; but honestly, if i can accomplish singing just one song to the delight of my friends and family i would ask for nothing more, in fact it would be my heart’s desire. I would really like to know all there is about your program, someone must know about my passion and sent me your e-mail.
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you PER.

  27. Jihad Henry

    09. Jun, 2011

    i write songs but i cant keep my voice the same it just keep changing like im tryin to sound like sombody else im only 14 i just wanna sing so i can make myn way to the top an be famous an write better music

  28. Heremie Iging

    10. Jun, 2011

    I’m 55years of age. I’m interested to learn and sing with freedom, and as a hobby, when i’m sad, i sing but can’t sing the right way/properly. Only jst found yr site, and just watched the video-looking forward so.. much to learn and improve myself. Thank you in advance

  29. heremie

    10. Jun, 2011

    I'm a beginner, i love and like to listen music,watch videos and the people sang really good, "how i wish i would  become one of them too! would love to get singing lessons and can't wait to get started. T.q.

  30. Al

    11. Jun, 2011

    In grade school in 1934 we were required to sing scales for the music teacher for voice assignments. However I was assiged, “Listener”. I’ve caried this label for quite a few years. A few months ago I felt it was time to learn how to sing. I went on the internet and reseached the many programs available. Per’s philosphy and approach was very attractive, so I joined “Sing with Freedom”. After starting the program I was wowed to learn and hear I COULD sing and with GREAT JOY. My profound thanks to Per for replaciing the “Listener” label with “Singer” (at long last). After each fun session imrovement is noticeable and with out diffiiculty. Per knew and showed me that I always had a vocal instrument buried inside I’m anxiously waiting for my next lessen.

  31. leigh allen

    17. Jun, 2011

    I didn’t get view all the info but the first one -I got to hear impress me. I’m looking for voice lesson for my grand child Christina – but now I want the voice training for the both of.

  32. leigh allen

    17. Jun, 2011

    After viewing the info -I’m ready to learn – plus help out my grandchild Christina – who wants to learn too.

  33. dontesmith

    25. Jun, 2011

    yes hi my name is donte and i love singing so much -and i would like to learn how to sing cause i just want to be able to help the needed people in are world to day -so may god bless you for making a program think you.

  34. eli

    27. Jun, 2011

    thank you for this videos i like you

  35. Pam

    02. Jul, 2011

    Have been a professional singer all my life. When I was 40 something, I developed nodes from a bad sound man I was forced to work with. I was a single mom and I couldn’t quit . I sang with the nodes for 5 years. Shortly after turning fifty I had the surgery and had them removed. My Dr. told me I had a condition called the ceiling affect where the muscles push down when you reach for a high note. Anyway singing has been a struggle. When I came out of the surgery it seemed my a lot of my upper register was just gone. So over thinking everything has caused even more havoc I think. Can you help?

  36. Alleen

    05. Jul, 2011

    I am interested in getting the tapes too.  I am a mother of 4 and have always enjoyed singing, however, I realize that there is a knot in my voice and every time I go a little higher than my voice can go there is no sound coming from my mouth because of this I have developed a fear to sing in public. Before I was always singing on chiors, in duets trios and other groups but I can no longer do so. I am really intersted in these lessons.

  37. deepthi

    07. Jul, 2011

    Thanks….. I basically sing…. I will listen to music……… tht’s my hobby……….. Thanks for the video……….. My age is 24………

  38. Dan Mowrey

    10. Jul, 2011

    I have always sung, mostly just for my own enjoyment, however I sing in a church choir and have fro 6 years, but I still want to sound better as well as increase my volume.

  39. gladysdivinagracia

    11. Jul, 2011

    I really love to sing full blast and know the notes especially

    it felt so good to be out there and sending this mesages out there through the lyrics and i can not wait to start the voice lessons with you.

  40. Joey

    11. Jul, 2011

    I’m in my 80′s. Since I was a tot I always wished that I could sing. Unfortunately, I can’t. I am a monotone, and just can’t signg a note..Is it possible that I could learn, and maybe one day, sing a little with the proper tune?

  41. Dinah Lee

    12. Jul, 2011

    I am hoping that the lessons will help me. When I sing especially in church, I feel like I lose my voice sometimes I feel congested. I am hoping that from the lessons that I can sing and my voice is stronger.

  42. Dorothy Buck

    12. Jul, 2011

    This sounds wonderfully helpful. I have experienced some sinus problems and my voice has suffered. I have been a singer all of my life in choruses and school classes. I have entertained as a member of a trio Now, I am a member of a Church choir and would love to get my voice back. I’ve gone from an alto to a tenor. Thank you for offering the videos.

  43. doan nguyen

    15. Jul, 2011

    I wrote some songs, but I singed not good, thank you for your videos.

  44. clar

    15. Jul, 2011

    Hi Per,

    I used to really sing with long range and i never have to strain my voice it was effortless. I love to sing classical music and my favorite is the think of me from phantom of the opera. I sing more christian music and didnt have any issue with singing until I started working after college and didnt sing much. Recently i have been asked to sing and i tried a piece with a very long range. I cannot sing high notes anymore. So, does your system work for classical music and christian music as well?

  45. Donald Brodeur

    27. Jul, 2011

    I have only started your program but so far so good.I took
    voice training from the mother of mt best friend 60
    years ago.Henry or Bill as we called him after he turned pro
    was agood singer .He sang in local clubs and bars around
    the Boston area/ as well as on radio.Henrys mother taught
    me as well as her son with scales.Per your the only other
    music teacher I have tried since then . I believe you can
    help me to my goal of once more liking what I sing.
    Thanks Per


    30. Jul, 2011

    Hi Per,
    Thank you so much for sending me your video i really enjoy it…..tnx 4 showing us your talent……may GOD bless you all the time…..

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